Remember Power Point?

I know you probably remember power point.  I remember when the LAPD first sent me to IDC.

Instructor development course.  It was a long class - two weeks, 40 hours a week if memory serves at the Elysian park LaPD facility.

Civilians attended...

I was in class with some friends I knew from the department and some that worked for the City but who were not sworn (gun carrying police officers).

Presentations were necessary during the course.  We had homework and the class was not your "typical" teach to the slowest.

This class moved fast and included a session on PowerPoint, which was starting to take hold as one of the Core Presentation Platforms in the business world.

SlideShare for Real Estate Presentations

Above is a "type" of power point presentation that I have completed, to be shared with the Future Real estate buyers interested in real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere.

It will give you tips on the questions that should be asked when wanting to interview a singular real estate agent or a "Buyer Specific Real Estate Agent" - that works for a Team, such as ours. (We have 5 very capable 100% committed Buyers Agents with our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA)