It is as easy as putting aside an extra 15 minutes to get on some of the FREE "merchant sites" on the Web.  There are a few that I coin as my Favorites - The first I will be talking about isMerchant Circle.Local Business connections and networkingHere is a quick video - Under 3 minutes.  The greatest benefit from Merchant Circle is that it is a "blogging" platform.  You might be involved in Pay Per Click - you might also be in publication print - but with over 85% of those searching on line before they hire a service provider or "widget" maker, content is KING.

Write about the value you add to the client by the business, service or product that you provide.  The less selfish the better - the less you slam others in your industry the better - the more GIFTS you can give without expectation of anything in return, The BETTER!

If this has been much too fast in it's presentation - let me know and I'll walk you through it.  There are several "silver bullets" that we utilize with our Business Blog and Real Estate business.  I am happy to share them with you as a "gift".

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