If you are borrowing $500,000.00 from a lender and if they are going to charge you 1 point - that equals $5,000.00 for them to get you the loan. - example.

Fee's Points - how can a person really get their best deal on a home loan or mortgage?

When buying a home you don't pay my fee.

My fee for you is at no cost - ZERO!

The home seller, no matter who it is, even if at the new housing or within the new home builder communities, the home seller pays me to represent you - the home buyer.

I will be able to guide you, when the time comes, on how to get your very best deal on a home loan.

Just reach out when you are ready and I will show you how it works and what you need to say! 661.400.1720

Contact me directly when you are ready and I'll make it happen for you and yours.

I'm Connor and be safe.