I suppose the question is better phrased, "How does Connor MacIvor get Page 1 Organic results for Santa Clarita Keywords and Phrases?"

Just in today, we heard that some of our Santa Clarita Real Estate competitors are wondering this and I have decided to fill you in to a small amount of how we do, "the real estate thing".

My Background is not computers or technology.  I was not born of some GREAT SEO Guru.  My Dad was a field engineer for a Governmental How to get your real estate business on Google's Page 1contractor working on the ICM system during the cold war.  Although dad was a brain, graduate of the School of Minds, he was more of the "Engineer" type than the "Nerd" type.  (BTW - there is nothing wrong with Nerds, ever hear of Bill Gates... Respect it baby!)

I am not going to be pompus and say that, "I'm just that good..."  Because if anyone ever tells you that they are "Just that Good", they are lying.  Good has it's place, so does Lucky - but having to learn about what makes a Website hit page 1, that was something that was a "hard learn".

Lucky is that bad guy running from the police, shooting over his shoulder (behind him) and hitting one of the police with a fatal shot.  While that is not the cop's lucky - it is the bad guy's lucky.  I had a few "lucky moments" that were life and death situations while working the Motor Squad with the LAPD - some give me chills when remembering.

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Back in 2007 is when I started delving into the Internet, optimization and search engine game.  I read a lot of books, mostly about Sales, the "the psyc of selling" and delved head first into Real Estate from a transactional approach.

Coming from a Law Enforcement background helped immensely.  It taught me several things - some were the most important lessons:

  • Work Ethic - The pay does not change the harder you work. So work hard all of the time.
  • Satisfaction in helping - While the pay is never stellar - versus the risk involved in being a cop - we obtain great reward by helping those in need.
  • How to teach the unteachable - With all of the Instructional Development courses and the many different certifications that I received, I learned how to teach the "hotel charlie's" of the world that were within the Police World.  BTW - H/C - Hotel Charlie's = Hard Core Operators.

With that background and my willingness to humble myself and listen about things I had no knowledge of, I was able to develop a system of writing content, linking, and writing core content better than any other "operator" in the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate world and vicinity.

Everything you see is written by me.  I do not pay for blog content or ghost writers.  I have several "IDX search systems" that I love, Foreclosure Resources and Property Pricing and value databases- these three things give me Real Estate related things to write about.

Some of the best clients in the world add to my ability to answer questions, give information (for FREE) and even more things to write about.

This is going to be Part 1 of the "How does Paris911 get to the top of the SERP's(search engine result pages)".  Part 2 will be at a time in the future - When I can remember the rest :-)- but only delivered to your email from me.  Yes, it is free and guaranteed to get you on Google's Page 1 within their Organic Search Results Pages.  However, you are going to have to put in the work.  Oh, you might be wondering about the Guarantee - It's the "money back type" :-)

Part II - FYI, if you thought I was going to give all of my secrets, those that took me the better part of the last five years to learn - with a Lifetime of Experience to cure, you are right and they are 100% free.  If I can help you build your internet presence for your real estate business, we will both Grow in the Referral Realm and develop that Real Estate referral relationship.

The REST of the Story - you are going to have to join me for my 20 part series titled, "Google's Page 1 for Realtors". - Subscribe Above..  The course takes 20 weeks to complete.  And a Lifetime to Master - BE Safe...