Talk about a loaded statement, as a real estate salesperson, if you were to approach other agents, especially the more successful ones, they would probably tell you to pound sand if you asked them how they get their leads.

Cuffing one client at a timeUnfortunately, some of the real estate sales people are very cloak and dagger.  There is not community nor sharing of information.  It's like developing a mastermind group amongst realtors.

There are a few, and those that are members, typically are at the top of the Real Estate game.

There is nothing held back, and sharing is completely across the board with all group members.

The group can then opine and discuss topics at hand, making the group better and each individual agent.

"Have you ever thought about mailing?  I know that it used to be the medium of choice, as local agents are concerned, but with the advent of the internet, do you think that the "real estate postcard" could be something to take another look at?

However, it should not be the "past traditional" post card that talks about how guarantee's are made, or other "non-guaranteed" crap.  

It would have to be a "branding" postcard of sorts, maybe offering something for free?

Visiting some website - opting in - etc... That is the real value - gaining enough trust from people that they will join your list, then you can stay in touch." A sample of a Master Mind meeting I attended last week with T.B.

It's much better than a refrigerator magnet - How many times, have you, as real estate agents, taken a listing while there were calendars, refrigerator magnets and other agent's door dropping junk in the home you were listing?