We did some scouring to come up with the best ways in which to search for the BEST Santa Clarita short sale agents that can be found on-line.

Within "Search", more and more people are searching using "qualifiers".  Those are words that establish a ranking of sorts - Here are some Examples as to what they are when it comes to Short sales(of course at a local level):

  • BEST Santa Clarita Short Sale Realtors
  • Top Santa Clarita Short Sale Experts

You can also change the words around in location within your search phrase, placing BEST after the phrase like "Santa Clarita Short how to find the best Santa Clarita short sale RealtorsSale Agents, best".  Google and Bing have become very smart and have programmed the usage of "qualifiers" when people search in that manner.

When searching by these keywords within google - you are going to find that if you Search for "BEST Santa Clarita Short Sale Agents", you are going to get sponsored results at the very top of the Google Search Page.  You will see those "paid for" results have a slight yellow hue with regard to their background.  On the right side of the page - you will also see a bunch of "sponsored" results for Short Sale agents and companies.

Your focus should be in the center of the page.  In addition, weed out the large Syndication Websites of the real estate variety.  They are going to sell your personal and private information to the many agents that are paying for their leads.  You definately don't want to get caught up in that type of system.

No, look for a local agent or team of agents.  They are going to be on this particular page either because they have the TLD, top level domain name that is the exact match for the "qualifier" term you used to search or because they are viewed by Google to be local Experts in Short Sales. <---You want to work with them because the are Experts!!!

Look through the "organic" results on Page 1 for the BEST Santa Clarita short sale Expert(s) you can find, set some appointments and make sure you interview at least three before moving forward.  We are The Paris911 Team - look for us in the results too.  Be Safe.