We often talk about the best of the best. Not like "best of the best" in the military and in "Men in Black", both are parodies about the ultra-skilled only being a single error away from failure.

In real estate, it's not just one thing that makes a skilled real estate agent. It's several. Today, I will highlight the top 5 things that you should help you find the best of the BEST real estate in Santa Clarita and elsewhere.

Pay to Play - Real Estate Syndication sites

First things first. How does an agent get business? Most are paying for leads. They are going to websites that have come about during the last 10 years and paying them to get the leads.

The price of admission for building this type of real estate business?  It's only money.

The agent does not have to be good. The agent does not even have to care. They only need money in order to pay for the leads. How Much Money? That will depend on the real estate syndication website. Zillow and Trulia have agents that are paying tens of thousands of dollars for leads.

Those websites do their best to get the leads in which to sell said agent.

These are the newer agents. Those that think the real estate business is easy. Those who think that selling homes and representing buyers and sellers of those homes is simple.

Maybe their agent made it look easy(that's skill). Maybe the watched their agent, show them a home, write an offer on said home, keep the transaction from going off of the rails, give the buyers their key and get paid.

There are 50 line items that had occurred between the first step, which isn't even mentioned here - the first step is the Homebuyer real estate training.

Each of these real estate home buyer agent duties has at least 5 sub-steps involved - check this out.

  • Help you get a mortgage
  • Curtail and search for the right home for you by your parameters
  • Draft up a solid offer and negotiate said offer
  • Get you the best price for the home you are buying
  • Attend the inspection and ensure the home you are buying is going to be fit for you
  • Negotiate the home inspection and request for repairs
  • Share and recommend their professionals
  • Communicate and negotiate with the seller's agent - constantly battling for you to be on top
  • Keep tabs on your mortgage and ensure you don't lose your deposit!
  • Continue to wrangle all the entities involved within the escrow process until closing
  • 11 - BE there for you after closing

Pay to Play Part II

New agents can also utilize a pay per click campaign, facebook ads, Pinterest and Instagram ads.

PPC - Pay Per Click campaigns also will keep agents and the real estate syndication websites on top of the search engines like google. With the price of admission being over $10.00 per click in some cases.

We dominate three locations when you look at the entire search results page on Google for the search Best Santa Clarita real estate agents. This is not by accident and not by robo searching in the thousands of inquiries as you will see in this last result.

It's by writing the truth about the Santa Clarita real estate market and by keeping our clients informed.

All of these websites, including Twitter, keep your info and search history. You agree to it and if you start a search for Deodorant, you will start to see various ads for soap and deodorant start following you around the world wide web like a bunch of puppies missing their mother.

Tie this in with every single device that seems to constantly be listening, you are going to be seeing what you have been talking about all around you, everywhere.

If you mention real estate, those who are paying for your personal information at this level are going to obtain it and you may as well check into Witness Relocation.

Referral centric real estate agents

The Santa Clarita real estate agents in this category have done it right. They keep their clients informed and their clients know the true advantage they have in them being on their side.

As an aside, to show this more clearly, I have had clients comment about Paris and I.  Stating, "I'm sure glad you both were on our side." - Not that we were angry and mean to the "other side". However, we don't allow anyone to take advantage of our real estate buyers and sellers.

The best accolade anyone can get is a client by referral. Those agents are truly special. A secondary location to see those most likely to refer their client is to read Yelp Reviews.

We are number one agents in Santa Clarita Valley on Yelp - 5-star average and over 40 reviews at this time. Of course, we have had a couple of clients that were upset about how they perceived their transaction events, but we explained - to no avail.

1 - A REMAX client wasn't complaining about my team and me, just REMAX in general. She could not move in because the transaction had been delayed by the home seller, represented by another real estate company. She was explained what could happen but forgot. She became angry and there was no reasoning. Real estate transactions have things happen at no fault of the agents or other parties. We had a seller die once - that put a total kibosh on the transaction until it was remedied.

2 - Another was where another REMAX team was talked about on our Yelp Review Page. If you know yelp, there is no reasoning with them - "you cannot fight city hall."

The problem I have with Yelp is not the negative reviews being miscategorized. We have a 5-star rating after all. It's the way in which they take valid clients that are not "typical or traditional yelpers", who write a review and place them in the penalty box. Read our Not Recommended Reviews for REMAX Gateway and MacIvor Associates on Yelp.

When you take care of clients, they come back to you and they always will refer you to their friends, relatives, work associates, and acquaintances.

I have tried again and again to teach those who want to learn the golden rule as it applies to real estate and client retention. Some get it and the light comes on. Most of those whom I train, they don't want to do the work necessary to keep a client spreading the world about their real estate business.

Sad but true. However, the best way in which to do this is to take care of the client as you'd like to be treated. Act as if the shoe is on the other foot. Consider all the things that the clients are thinking about. Think of how scared they are of making a mistake.

Consider the hard questions they have and answer them directly. Is now the time to buy? Is the current market at the top about to collapse? What about the real estate bubble that we had experienced back in 2007 - is now really the right time or should I continue to rent for a while?

Clients also want to know the truth about loans and interest rates. We are not dealing with people like I was when I first bought my home. That was in 1996, I was a full-time LAPD cop and the agent ran all over Paris and me when we bought our first home. He took full advantage.

There was n0 where to go and no one to ask, My parents had lived in their home for over 20 years and they were not the real estate investor type. My wife's parents were going to be living with us due to them needing us to help them. I asked people at work and all I found were the self-proclaimed real estate experts. Those who knew everything and even could buy real estate for free - What a joke.

There was no website like our Santa Clarita real estate blog where everything about real estate is laid down completely and in order. From how to find the best Santa Clarita real estate agent to how to reduce your mortgage payments so your home is paid off early with a single simple step.

Organic Santa Clarita real estate agents

Where can a person, being one that wants to buy or sell real estate in Santa Clarita Valley, truly find the best of the best? One such place, after you have wrapped your head around all of the places not to look and what to watch out for, would be in the organic results.

What agents have been able to score a place on Page one within the Google or Bing search results for the keywords you happen to be searching for?

Who is left standing because of the content they are writing and what they are constantly sharing and talking about?

As you can see from a strict Google Search, of the places filled on the page, there are not may "organic locations" left. Of those, we are Blessed to have made it, for that and many other keywords, but the payment and local ads seem to be a very "focused" result.

18 AD's - Three Pack and "intuitive" clickable places on the page for the search result. 10 are organic results - with Yelp proving two locations within.

There are other channels that I occupy where people may be searching for homes. When you run a specific Santa Clarita pool Home search, I'm strong. When you are looking for a more broad result by searching using a term that has an excessive width - you will be lucky to find any result worth its salt for certain.

You will also see the real estate syndication websites fill the organic results field on Google and Bing. They are not paying for that placement. It's just they have acquired real estate agents who are willing to write content or answer questions for them. They, in turn, sell those same agent's leads back to them for money. I'm shaking my head, but it's true - real estate agents selling out themselves - Ah Well...

That local source. That original local agent. The boots on the ground single source, the person you can program in your phone and have his number on speed-dial. That's nice. Program Connor MacIvor, Realtor 661.400.1720 in your phone and call when you are ready.

Social Extrovert real estate agents in Santa Clarita

Networking with other agents. I do it but there does not seem like anything gets accomplished. Sure, those to drink - drink. There are people that are within the lender fields that come partake. There are title officers that present themselves in the hopes of getting a new agent to use them or to catch an agent on the rebound after a bad experience with their previous title representative. Other vendors, home inspectors, and pest control entities are floating and working the agents at the event.

There is not a change, because I have a friend in the business, of my offer being accepted by the other agent "my friend" over a "better" offer. By better, more money, better financing, shorter time frames, better for the seller, etc..

Networking may make it possible, if everything is equal, the "friend" may choose my offer over another agent who is not in the networking group. This is why I go to the networking events for Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley.

However, I have been selling real estate, representing buyers and sellers in Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond since 1998. At the final curtain, the home seller should always have a real estate agent presenting them with the truth. That applies in the case with every single offer which has been received.

If you are a home seller, ask your agent if they have given you everything - good practice.

One other channel that I have in my repertoire, which I am alone, for the most part within, is Radio.

I have the longest running real estate podcast in the Santa Clarita Valley with a California housing and real estate focus.

On my HousingRadio.com show, I talk about the housing market and how to not get taken advantage of.  I lay it on the line. You may be looking for a "discount brokerage", but when you buy things from Walmart, you get Walmart quality and when you buy things from Saks, you get a different quality.

Have you seen the Hiring of a professional with the picture of the horse? On the left side, you see a wonderfully drawn picture of a horse's hindquarters. It's well done, in pencil - with shadowing, very realistic. Under that section says "professional" - on the right side you see a horribly drawn photo of the front of a horse in pencil. Under that side, it says "discount". You get the point.

This is by no means a "you must pay a lot to get taken care of" blog post. It's about the value and it's about how to find the Best Santa Clarita real estate agent while running those searches on your phone, within Google, and other places online.

I'll be here for you and yours when you are ready to make a move. I have been selling homes and representing buyers since 1998 in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. Most people find me on Google page one in the organic search results, for that I'm elated.

Please program into your phone, Connor MacIvor - Realtor - 661.400.1720 - Add my email too: connor@scvnest.com - and if you want to add my photo, use my LAPD photo Circa 2013.