There are 21 listings that are currently for sale that are Foreclosures.  True Bank owned properties in the Santa Clarita Valley - Here is the most recent addition - click on the photo or link to see the remaining REO, Bank Owned listings.

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Getting in to the other "prevalent" distressed real estate for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities - which BTW, outweigh the Foreclosures by almost a third, are the short sales.

Currently as of the date of this post - there are 32 active Santa Clarita City short sale listings.

Do you have any idea how many short sales are in process within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities today?  That means the number of homes, condos and towh-homes that are Short Sales and in escrow today - 556!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of those sellers are working with the Paris911 Short Sale negotiation team - thank you....

One of the things we tell our Short Sale clients is to be careful who they are hiring to handle their short sale event.  Short Sales cannot be handled by the "un-initiated".  They should be handled by those agents that have the ability to serve within Real Estate.

If you are looking for a Santa Clarita short sale agent to represent you with your short sale negotiation - go to Google or Bing and type in the words - if in Santa Clarita  "Santa Clarita short sale agents".  Choose from the results and stay away from the Paid Ads - on Google at the top of the screen and down the right side.

You also might want to steer clear of the "local ads" - those that have those Famous "google" markers - just below the sponsored results and the ads on Google at the top of the screen.

Just stay with the real estate agents that come up in the Organic Search results, that way you can contact them and set up the Short Sale appointments.  Also - here are a few more tips.

Don't sign with the first Short Sale Expert you are interviewing.  Promise yourself that you are going to interview all three or four before making a decision on which one you are choosing.  Don't sign anything in their offices during the interview.

Be Safe - get good advice and check out the newest Short Sale listing in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

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