With all of the writing we do about interviewing multiple real estate agents to find the best one to work for you, we forget some choose faster.  Some don't have all of the time in the world to talk to every swinging - whoops, I mean every agent that works in Re-Sale or represents sellers.

Some want to choose faster - but have a problem because of having someone(yours truly), that is in sales, saying to talk with different agents.  And if someone in sales is telling you that - it must be something valuable.  Because???  Why would they want any unnecessary competition?  The fact of the matter is, they wouldn't.  However, maybe you want to invest time, but you don't want to invest too much time.

Santa Clarita agents on google

Don't worry, as we tell our real estate clients during our Santa Clarita buyers briefing, "It's okay if you like the first home we show you enough to buy it..."  The same rule applies to the first agent you interview.  It's okay to choose and work with them.

Hang in there - with all of the noise in the world - it's hard to choose sometimes, I get that.  To counter balance this, do a bit more Googling or Binging - Check out all of the local agents on page 1.

On page 1 with most real estate search inquires -  you are going to get Real Estate syndication websites, who can introduce you to a local agent that pays to get your personal information in the form of a lead.  You are also going to get the local real estate agents that care enough about their clients to get their site on Page 1.  This ends up being of the best advantage for their sellers and buyers of real estate.

Here the break down:  I just searched Google Today and this is what I found:

  • I shut off my personal results
  • Search Term on Google:  santa clarita real estate
  • 6,000,000 results in .38 seconds
  • Three sponsored ads - one by Valencia dot com, a local agent(3 dollars to 6 dollars per click - whew...) and a syndication website(lead generation site - basic frame no content) (with PPC, pay per click - value driven content does not matter :) )
  • Two syndication websites - then one local website - hitting high because of the URL(universal resource locator) - TLD(top level domain) - same as terms searched
  • Local Places business ads - 8 of them, some real estate, some inspection services, some parks and rec, etc...
  • Two more syndication websites
  • Local Agent site
  • Syndication Website, if you do know know what this type of site is - click here.
  • There we are - Paris911 dot com -
  • Another local agent site
  • And one more local agent site

That is for the search term, "santa clarita real estate" - if you were to go with the organic, local agents only, you'd only have to look at 5 agents - when you looked at their websites for information and an expertise - you would only find a couple that offer value first to all of the real estate interested in the world.  Anyone could go on two appointments with potential real estate agents couldn't they?

Let me know when you are ready to meet - and thanks for reading and watching