The Santa Clarita Valley consists of 9 cities that have different zip codes, different city codes, and community/neighborhoods:

On this search page, you can click any of the following to view the current, pending and sold real estate listings and a map in order to see which area(s) will serve your needs.

By Clicking on the City - you will see all real estate pertaining to that city. By clicking on the Zip Code, you will see all real estate pertaining to that Santa Clarita City.

By clicking on the zip code, you will see all real estate that is within that particular Santa Clarita Zip Code on a map so you are able to deduce the location to ascertain if it's a good fit for your real estate needs.

By clicking on the neighborhood/community, you will be viewing all of the applicable real estate listings in that particular neighborhood and you will be doing so within a map so you know where that area is.

That is the break down of the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley and within each of the varying cities, we have neighborhoods or communities therein.

These searches can also be dialed down even tighter by choosing a specific tract of homes which corresponds to who the builder was in most cases within the Santa Clarita Valley.

Selecting a neighborhood is very important

Most decisions that are going to concern you choosing the "right" neighborhood in the Santa Clarita Valley will all start with your price range. From that point, then you will potentially be able to exclude ones and include others.

After you have your price point in mind, then it will just take a simple map search on SCVnest to see if there are homes that are a fit for your price range.

Example. You are qualified at a maximum for a home at $800,000.00. Speaking with your lender you are also able to have up to a $100.00 dollar a month HOA fee. After you get what your payment will be with your particular amount down for the downpayment, you decide that $800k is not very comfortable for you, your family (if you have one), and your current lifestyle. You don't want your buying of a home to impact your lifestyle, you then decide that you don't want to buy a home for more than $700,000.00.

Now we are cooking with gas. Now, that is a place that we can start. We know that you want a Single Family Home. You can go up to 100.00 a month in HOA. There cannot be any additional taxes, in the way of mello roos or special assessments. You will need a minimum of 3 bedrooms for your current family configuration. (go below the graphic to continue reading how to select the best Santa Clarita neighborhood for your real estate needs)


When we have clients in our offices, a large part of the discussion is about where to live in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. Some people are very interested in being able to walk to the various areas within the cities they are selecting. Such as those who want to buy a home in Valencia to have access to the vast paseo network. The "paseos" are the master-planned walking paths that stretch throughout the City of Valencia and into other Santa Clarita Valley areas.

There are some of our clients that are very interested in the public school system. They currently have their kids in private schools and they are looking to save money with some of our Santa Clarita public schools being blue ribbon awarded and top-ranked. They just want to breathe a bit. I don't blame them for wanting to seek greener pastures. On our SCVnest home search system for Santa Clarita Valley, you will be able to see the corresponding schools that coordinate to the various homes.

This is my one admonition. The people that enter in the MLS data regarding specific housing and residential real estate listing information maybe mistaken when it comes to the school assignment. Therefore, ensure you make a call to the local school board and find out where the school boundaries are. They should be able to send you a map. See the Santa Clarita school boundary map.

Search by address to check on the Santa Clarita school district (non-scvnest site). This links works pretty well and will give you the district office, the junior high school, and the high school.