The questions are answered here on our Q and A blog.  We talk about the ways in which to protect yourselves when it comes to choosing a relocation company to help you and your family move.  We also talk about the games that Movers Play, while we are not movers, we are Realtors, Movers don't seem to have much of an on-line presence.

You will probably disagree with me regarding that statement - however, let me qualify my statement by saying, the "movers themselves" don't have much of an on-line presence   Most of the first page results are lead generation companies that sell your personal and private information to the moving companies.  Then they call you and "ring  you into submission". :)

How to buy cheap houses in the Santa Clarita CAThe same exists in the real estate world.  Except, I think we "Local Realtors" have a much higher level of competition by the Real Estate syndication Websites.  Those are the large companies that are on-line selling your personal information to the local real estate agents.  And Why not - they are making money hand over fists from real estate agents that lack an on-line presence   However, an on-line presence is hard to achieve by a real estate agent and much easier for a syndication website - so there you have the circle...

I'm off the Soap Box - Now we will get into the question of the Day - How to Buy Cheap Houses.  This question is everywhere on-line.  You can find many different answers, but I will say that if this were a simple and "transparent" process, there would not be any cheap houses left.  Everyone would have done it.  So, the infomercial you see at 0300 am that has the cat with the expensive cars and the pretty ladies, selling you his "plan", may not be the best source for cheap houses and making millions in real estate.  What do you think?

Have a listen to my Santa Clarita real estate podcast above.  See what we talked about and here are some of the notes from the show.