Getting into Real Estate should not be a knee jerk reaction to something that you have heard is a good idea.  You will want to stack the deck in yourLending in the Santa Clarita Valleyfavor and start out early.  Waiting until you see the "home of your dreams" before you get in touch with a Lender or Mortgage Broker is too late. The pre qualification step should be done a few months out.Click here for Mike's Investment Flyer.We can help you find properties that fit these criteria all day long. - Call us.

In addition, you also don't want to wait until the last minute to speak with a Realtor about buying a home.  You want to get that appointment set about 3 months out from the time you are going to be ready to press the trigger.

A Game plan is a necessary part of making one of the largest investments of your life.  That is why we developed theReal Estate Crash Course.

Today on ourSanta Clarita radio Showwe spoke withMike Meena, who is atop Santa Clarita Lender.  We asked him several questions that we have obtained by comments to our Real Estate Blogs.  We also talked about the shape of the real estate market and what he thinks the future will reveal.

In addition, he hit on Investing in Real Estate and the return that you can expect when doing so.  It all started with a 300K rental... Tune in to listen to the Show!!!


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