It never comes by chance - viewing the real estate listings that are entering the market on a daily basis.  However, your real estate agent is going to have their ear to the tracks if they want to get a glimpse of the Santa Clarita real estate listings and homes for sale that are entering the market for sale, before they actually become active listings.Don't bet on your real estate

This can only happen if your real estate agent knows other Santa Clarita real estate agents.  But is knowing enough?  I ask this question because, I know a lot of people that know a lot of people, however, those that know a lot - if they are not liked, they get nothing in the way of "insider data".

Therefore, we can add, "Knowing a lot of agents and being liked by them" to the requirements of being a cutting edge and top notch agent in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and elsewhere.

Should you respond to an unacceptable offer? Unless you are receiving multiple offers it is a good idea to respond to every offer you receive. An unacceptable offer could be a low monetary offer or involve poor timing and it is up to you to respond. Your counter offer could be a step toward a contract that suits both you and a buyer.

If you receive an offer that you consider extremely low then you can respond with an amount you feel reasonable. If you want to give your absolute bottom-line then submit it. Overall, a general rule of thumb is to give a little so the buyer knows you are willing to negotiate.

Speak with your Valencia CA REALTOR to find out how serious he thinks the buyer is. Communication between your REALTOR and the buyer’s REALTOR can reveal whether the buyer is fishing or really wants to buy your home.

If the dates and contingencies are what you object to then counter with dates and contingencies that work for you. The real estate contract is a give-and-take scenario and can be more stressful if you are still experiencing a buyers’ market in your Neck of the woods. This does not mean that you have to accept an offer, simply work with an offer.

The most important reason to respond to any offer that you receive is that you never know when the next one will come your way. Take personal feelings out of the deal and counter with a reasonable request to see where the contract may lead. Your goal in listing your Valencia or Santa Clarita Valley house is to get it sold and sometimes the process is more complicated than others. Having an experienced REALTOR on your side can help ensure a smoother transaction and, hopefully, selling success.

We operate a team of Real estate agents that are head quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We want to be of assistance with your real estate needs.  Let me know when we can make that happen for you and if you have a Realtor you are working with - please stay loyal!