How dynamic are you? We know a man who sends his email blasts each and every day. I hung in there for a while, but could not do it any longer. However, he says he's "good with people leaving his list and opting out". He only wants those that want to "dearly and truly hear" from him.

I totally can understand why he would say that. But, I also wonder how many of those people may have continued to hang around if his email blast was not every day. I also think it would be interesting to find out how much business comes in daily and how much would come in if he sent out the news every couple of weeks in the form of an update?

I would imagine that if he sent out his news even once a week, he'd have more people that gave him business than opting out of his list.

His business is that of an email marketer - that is what he sells. Maybe I'm wrong.

I do know about real estate. Subscribers to a Real Estate news letter don't want to see real estate related news every single day. Or at least most don't. Those that do can get that by hitting our blog on the "get emailed with every single posting link.

It's all about choice - and choice is a necessary part of life. Especially when it comes to your email privacy and frequency. Be safe, I hope this helps you with your local Santa Clarita business and email campaign.

People are looking for choice when it comes to what their email inbox gets hit with. Be safe - let us know if we can help you and if you want to get our Business Tip recap every couple of weeks - you can go to our main website and type the word "Tips" into the macBoX without the quotes. talk soon - please share - forward and anything else you want :)

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