Local Southern California real estate agentsA great question - we have the intel you seek, let our Top Producer Systems Home Valuation engine do the work for you.

Some may be using some of the "non local" online platforms to establish the value of their Southern California homes - this is a mistake.

First off - you are giving up your personal information to "god knows who".  There is no way to track how many times your personal and private information was sold.

Second - most of those "valuation systems" is not tied directly to the Board of Realtors data.  The Board that is within that Exact Area.

This engine is owned and operated by The Paris911 Team with REMAX of California.  We are local agents focused on Southern California.

You can actually call us on the phone or drive to our offices.  We play by the rules and only want to get you what you are asking for.

If you decide to work with us - that's even better.  However, that is the difference.  We are not subscribers to an Entitlement Philosophy...