is the top MLS systemWhen it comes to real estate agents, there are many. In fact, in a discussion I was having earlier today, me and other "veteran" realtors deem this market becoming waterlogged again with the novice realtors.

What does it take to move from the "novice" arena into the Realtor arena who hold the titles of professional and expert?  Full time - time on the job and closed transactions which all relate to the agent being sized up having been doing it right.

Let's talk a minute about faith and why that is applicable to the Santa Clarita home search engine of

Santa Clarita Valley, an area in Southern California that is awesome to live, work and play within. It's also awesome to commute from and to when it comes to employment outside of the SCV.

We have homes - Single Family Residences, Condos, Townhomes, estate homes, horse properties and those which are zoned for Agricultural development.

When you search online you are going to be running into websites what remind me of those "monitoring" commercials which the Credit Monitoring Company produces.  Remember the "Dental Monitor", they only tell you when you have a bad cavity, they do nothing to help it.

Some of these sites have the names of Zillow and Trulia. They are also known as real estate syndication websites and will sell your personal and private information to agents who are paying them for it.

SCVnest - is not a real estate syndication website. SCVnest is a website connected to the Multiple Listing Service. The Multiple Listing Service is where other top producing realtors go when it comes to searching for homes and real estate for their clients.

Why the MLS? Because that is where the real estate listings which are listed for sale by Realtors have been entered. There are two things you won't find on SCVnest.

  1. FSBO - For Sale by Owner You won't find FSBO, For Sale By Owner homes for sale where the owner is not going to allow the buyer of their home to work without a Realtor. Some people become quite concerned when they are not allowed to have a professional on their side representing them. It's like being forced to have a nurse do your life saving medical procedure, because you are not allowed to have a Medical Doctor. In other cases, the FSBO seller does not want you to have your own Realtor because your own realtor will figure out you are being taken for a ride at the seller's advantage.

  2. FAKE LISTINGS - Pocket listings and listings published to only generate buyer/seller leads
    You may not be aware of this, but you will run into fake listings which have been created for the sole purpose of getting you to give up who you are. Home listings which are so "tempting" you will give up your personal contact info in order to get more information. In other cases, you will be seeing homes that appear as if they are for sale, but are not. They are showing up to get you to give up who you are. These sites are clever, they are taking properties that were at their lowest point back in 2011 and 2012. They are taking those photos and using them with the old information to get you to give up who you are. They will then take your personal and private information and sell it to real estate agents who are members of their lead generation websites.

Here is the deal. If you have a real estate agent, and if they don't have my SCVnest system. Use SCVnest to search for homes.

But please, let me know you are working with a qualified and professional Santa Clarita Realtor, so I can use my time for those buyers and sellers who are working directly with my Team or I.

I promise to keep my site up and running. I promise you will be getting the best and most up to date real estate information as soon as it hits the MLS - multiple listing service. I promise to never give, sell, trade or compromise your personal and private information at any time in any shape or in any form.