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This is an update to a recent question from our online home buyers who wanted to know How much does it cost to live in Santa Clarita.

Placing the fuel, vehicles, transportation, groceries, restaurants and entertainment costs aside, I will talk about real estate, that is my forte :)

Mid-February of 2019 - Updated How much does it cost to live in Santa Clarita

Valencia California - 4 bedroom homes and the average price was $654,333

Valencia 4 Bedroom Single-Family Homes - Average Price 6 months, September 2018 to February 2019

This is taking into account a single Santa Clarita City - Zip Codes 91354 and 91355 - Valencia California - 4 bedroom homes and the average price was $654,333


All Cities - Single Family Homes $632,154


Santa Clarita Condos $344,739


Santa Clarita townhomes $423,307

Subject to change - Santa Clarita real estate market

The data and home prices change frequently. Depending on the housing market and other factors. We always keep our clients in the loop when it comes to what it costs to live in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The price points are different and vary from city to city. Castaic and Canyon Country may be the least expensive communities related to price per square foot, but in Canyon Country and Castaic, there are million dollar estate homes on acreage!

It is going to depend on where you want to live in the Santa Clarita Valley as to how much you are going to be paying for a home.

The housing type, as you can see from the charts posted above which I created, varies in price as well.

Not listing prices but sold home prices shown

When someone asks the question as to how much it costs to live in the Santa Clarita Valley, I have to ensure I'm not giving them bad data.

For example, some of the local real estate news organizations have published similar data, but they are taking into account and only using the "for sale prices" on real estate. They are not looking to the "sold and recorded" housing prices.

Any appraiser will tell you that the advertised and listed prices for homes are a "dream". They are not made real until some either pay that amount or if the appraiser verifies the listing price by appraising the property.

For our home buyers, I will give very little weight to the listing prices. I give 99.9% to the sold home prices when I'm giving intel related to what it costs to live in Santa Clarita.

After we find a home that our buyer like and have an interest in, it's time for me to pull the data supporting or not supporting the price being asked. If there are discounts available I want that for my home buyers.

However, as part of my process, the sold data is given the most weight because it took a professional appraiser to text and verify that the home is truly worth.

What does it cost to live in Santa Clarita?

That is going to depend on the city of interest, the type of home, size of home and neighborhood. Currently, the "averages" have been stated on the above graphics that I have compiled running the various housing types within the Santa Clarita Valley cities - Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.

I'm Connor MacIvor - aka Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of great service to you and yours pertaining to real estate.