While most Santa Clarita real estate agents carefully guard the amount they pay to a buyers agent as being a "trade secret", both Paris and I don't feel that it should be.

We feel that "free trade" should rule when it comes to Santa Clarita buyers agents, as it does in the rest of the real estate representation world.

I will stop beating around the bush now, we pay our Buyers Agents 50%. No negotiation, no haggling - that is it, every buyers agent gets 50%. If we obtain a lead where a referral is having to be paid, we split that 50/50 after the referral fee is paid. Totally Fair.

More if our buyers agents bring in the lead themselves from their own sphere or their lead generators.

We don't, however, mandate any one of our buyers agents bring in leads of their own. It's great when they do, but both Paris and I are not "typical". Some agents hire buyers agents and strive to build a team of real estate agents because they have the same philosophy of some real estate companies. In both cases they figure a new or any agent is good for three deals.

-Their own purchase
-Their Parents or Families purchase
-Getting lucky once and find a buyer

That is not what we want - if our Buyers agents bring in those deals - they are making a larger portion than we are, again that is fair. However, we would rather have our SCV buyers agents to be hard working with buyers and not be concerned with lead generation and procurement.

We want to continue to work with our, adding of value first premise, as it relates to our Real Estate team in the Santa Clarita Valley. We want to remain loyal to our Paris911 Brand and Mission Statement. We also watch all facets of our business so we can keep our relationships with our Broker - Re/MAX International and Re/MAX of California and Hawaii.

Retaining our buyers agents is extremely important due to all of the hard work that goes into making them the best they can be in our industry.

That is why we have the Buyers agent split set so high. We want to keep good people. It reflects on us and on our team if those that are working with our most valuable Asset - our Buyers, are in any way a bad fit for our Team.

If they are high-pressure, benders of the truth, trained by those that are more focused on the commission than the client, and dishonest in any way, shape or form - this is very BAD. Those types of buyers agents are not hired or if they are found out, they are fired.

Be safe, if you are in the market to switch teams or interview tith ours - let me know..