What questions do lenders askWhen purchasing real estate there is ZERO fee's due to most Real Estate Brokerages.  Some Exceptions may be a $295.00 fee for archiving and digitally encrypting of all Documents that were signed, handled and sent during Escrow.

However, beyond that - you should not paying anything to the Broker/Agent that is representing you.  If you are, it's not standard.

You will have Buyer's Closing Costs that you will have to pay in some way, shape or form.  Click on the link above for the options when it comes to recurring and non recurring buyers closing costs when purchasing real estate.

During the hot real estate market, in the Santa Clarita Valley, we noticed that there were a lot of Real Estate buyers representatives that were doubling as the lender.  They were not only representing their clients with the home they wanted buy, they were also getting paid because they were their clients lender and, in some cases, they were charging their clients a fee to represent them!

We first heard "horror" stories of Real Estate buyers being charged a fee from their real estate agent, that was representing them in their home purchase, back in 2001.  It seemed to become more prevalent in the Hotter Santa Clarita real estate market back between 2004 and 2007 - before the fall of real estate as we knew it at the time.

Today, you need to ask up front before it is written in contract.  Ask your real estate agent if they charge anything to represent you when buying real estate.  Ask if their office charges a fee to you when buying a house.

Exception!  There is always one.  Good Neighbor Next Door Program.  The program where Teachers, LAPD, LASD, CHP, all Post Certified Full Time Law Enforcement and Firefighters/EMT's, can buy a HUD home at a 50% discount.

What do you think a fair charge is to sell a home?  Do you think the real estate agent is over paid if they collect the "market standard" 3%?