image723630794.jpgIt never ceases to amaze me how many folks in the Business of Santa Clarita Real Estate and Seller representation work from a "set it and forget it real estate sales and advertising system".

I'm happy for the Multiple listing service that provides your for sale home to places like and But, did you know there are higher level memberships available for listing agents on those platforms? In fact, the higher level memberships will ensure your home is shown before other homes are, when buyers are looking for their dream home yours will "pop" first.

It does not stop there, Trulia and Zillow are not MLS databases that automatically populate with the new listings that are for sale. It is up to the particular agent you hired to upload your for sale home into their respective databases.

Virtual tours are extremely inexpensive and with the right system your home will populate a dozen more real estate search sites like yahoo homes and bing real estate. However, it takes an agent that will reinvent themselves to use these platforms. They could hire someone that does this, but due to their heart, personal reputation and name not being on the proverbial line, it falls short of a Lead agent advertised home being built out with it's online presence.

I know this because we are always looking to find better ways to best expose all of our Sellers real estate listings to the largest amount of qualified buyers. That is the only way we can ensure we have gotten our sellers the most from utilizing the Santa Clarita Home Sale Services of the Paris911 team.

We watch, we learn, we look, and adapt to the systems that get our sellers real estate listings the most possible exposure. Isn't that why you hired a real estate agent to sell your home?

I have only covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the way we advertise our Santa Clarita Sellers Real Estate Listings.

Santa Clarita Sellers of Real Estate