When speaking about the future of real estate, you are going to want to take in many factors. One is the time of real estate season.

We are quickly approaching Tax Season, or more correctly stated - the Tax Deadline.

Typically in a real estate season, this is when more homes start to be listed and sold within a calendar year.

We are also approaching the Summertime in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. This is when properties are listed and sold more regularly due to the needs of "school aged" children and their families jockeying for position within better school districts.

You can also click on the photo to get more information related to the local Valencia California real estate markets.

Make sure you are hiring local real estate agents that know their ways around the local markets, are connected and have their fingers on the pulse of the local Real Estate happenings.

If you want to see the potential questions to ask a Buyers Agent - Let me know and I will send you our "Hiring a Buyers Agent Resource".