I had the pleasure speaking with EdRover's founder Tania.By the way, Tania is a local Santa Clarita Valley Resident raising her children :-)  Coming from a extensive social media and mobile background involved with some of the"heaviest of hitters" in Global commerce as clients, it only seems fitting that this was Tania's Brainchild.

Being a LocalSanta Clarita Resident, a transplant from the east coast, is another Plus for edRover's founder.Support your school while you shop, eat and play with edroverHere is how edRover works.From a Local Business Perspective:You can give a portion of what you charge, back (by percentage), when a customer checks into your establishment from their smartphone, droid, or iPhone - While using the edRover application.  By the time they check in via edRover's app, your Business has already been added to edRover's database and to their "school $$$ back locations" database.  You business has already been added because you signed up to work with edRover :-)From the Consumer's Perspective:The consumer's school, that they are sponsoring, get's the contribution you agreed upon.  The consumer is Happy and feels like they did their kids school a great justice.  All while only doing the things they might normally do, Shopping, Eating and Playing.The Low-Down is that edRover is a Win-Win!You feel good because you have more filled seats.  The school and teachers are elated because they don't have to come out of pocket for supplies that should be provided for the children.  edRover feels awesome because they did all of this while still remaining "non-profit".I think that sums it up...  Listen to the show, if you are a Real Estate agent, Service provider, or in any other industry - EdRover will work for you!

Check out the show - let us know what you think about edRover in the comments below - Don't hold back - We love to chit-chat!!!

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