You know, this is one of those questions that if I had a dime each time I was asked throughout a single day - I'd have over a dollar in my pocket on a consistent basis.

The most interesting thing about this question is that, mostly, is does not come from my family, friends, clients or even Paris.  It comes from others in the Real estate industry.Best Santa Clarita Real Estate

Oh, their hearts are in the right place, "I'm sure of it", but the question still comes up every time I walk to get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom at the office.  Heck, I even get others on the phone that I am friends with in Real Estate (yes, it's okay to have friends amongst your competitors - or at least that is the way Paris and I see it...).

In a down market, with a crappy economy, with unemployment numbers that are overwhelming and with an unsure Housing Forecast - I respond, "Business? - Let me ask you a question, are there people selling houses? - "Yes" is the response.  Are there people Buying houses? - "Yes" is the answer.  How about investors, are there people investing in real estate? - "of course".  I respond, "as long as there are buyers, sellers and investors - We are doing fine..."

In any Real Estate Market - Santa Clarita or elsewhere - there are people wanting to move, relocate, sell, buy, invest, or participate in a number of Real Estate Related things with which we can help. Don't forget, or fail to understand that, if you are not in the Real Estate industry, markets are cyclic - things don't stay the same for long.  If they were to raise interest rates a couple of points, down economy or not, that would do some proverbial "rattling of the bushes".

If they were to give more assurances with reference to our Santa Clarita Short Sale Sellers - it would do the same thing.  More Guarantee's, "government types", that after the smoke clears 5 years from the time they had their agent sell their property "short", it would ensure they would be left alone without any future issues. That, very plainly, - would get more of those folks facing true hardships to move forward without any concerns for their future well being.

How is Business? - "It is fine and will be fine as long as there are those that see "value" in the services we provide."  Our's is not a "Set it and forget it system..."  Our Real Estate Business is by constant education, knowledge building and networking with other top Real Estate professionals in our industry. Developing the relationships that will get our Sellers what they want - Getting our Buyers what they desire and protecting all of our Clients in their current distressed state and from future issues.