I love walking. I still go to the gym and lift in the late afternoons and evenings. But in the morning, I get centered with a good lifestyle/businesses focused audiobook and go for my walk. I typically go for 1 hour.

Because of the high level of oxygen at the Valencia Summit park, this is where I enjoy walking most. I used to be one of those that would venture out on the various Paseos in Valencia.

If I start at 0600 - the sun barely hits me on the path and becomes more intense around 10 am. Before that, the trees do a great job blocking it, if you are concerned about the sun.

I realized that there is no safer place where I can let my mind go to fully enjoy the content of the audiobook, without having to concentrate on walking.

I'm going in circles and with little exception, the walking track at the Valencia Summit park is great. The only danger is some of my shoes become slippery when encountering water and in some spots, the concrete is very smooth.

There are a few places where the sidewalk blocks have been chipped down due to them being raised by roots. If you pay attention, these are easily navigated.

I live close enough to walk, but some park in the YMCA lot, early in the AM (I don't know the legality of this) and others park in the community on the surrounding streets - Del Monte, Park View, and Wembley Court. 

Just in case you want to know, one lap at Valencia Summit Park is approximately .45 of a mile. Almost 1/2 of a mile for a single lap. I used my walking app and started from the "cast iron sewer cover" next to the kid's play area and did a single lap back.

Below are the screenshots of that single lap including the steps that I took in walking it.

731 steps - and if I wanted to do 10,000 steps, I'd have to do about 13.7 laps to accomplish that.

The time it takes me to do a single lap is approximately 7 minutes - that is at 3.8mph according to the walking app.

On a typical day, I'm somewhere in the 7,000's with regard to steps during my Valencia Park track walk. The thing is that the oxygen content is really spectacular. 

I met a lady who put her COPD in remission because she walks at the Valencia Summit park every day. There is a lot of grass and bunches of trees. 

The grass is watered almost daily.

Thursdays are lawn cutting days. The landscape company arrives at about 6 am, they strategize about their day, then about 7 am they start. Lawn blowers, trimmers, and riding mowers are all utilized. 

The lawn professionals are courteous to those of us who are walking on the path, they redirect their tools away when we are in close proximity.

If you venture off of the path into the grass, beware of the pet droppings - there are a lot of dogs that frequent the park, and most leave their droppings in close proximity to the path. Most of the owners are awesome and pick up the poop, using the blue bags supplied in the park, but some don't.

The walkers and runners are courteous. They walk in the grass on the narrow sidewalk portion or take the "high ground" in order not to walk too close to others on the path. (you will see what I mean about the "high ground" when walking at the Valencia Park.

Of course, I enjoy the track type pathway. If you head through the park, you have access to several different paths that will take you up through the Summit Valley to where Arroyo Parkway and Del Monte meet. Those are very worthwhile to check out.

Valencia summit park one lap distance on map

Valencia summit park one lap distance and steps for one lap

I'm Connor MacIvor and I hope to see you at Summit Park in Valencia. Feel free to say Hi! When you do please understand that I'm probably deep into an audiobook and will do my best to respond in kind.

Be safe - Oh, what do I look like. 6'1" bald and hoping to be lean in the coming months :) - look for my bright shoes!