With the advent of Social Media - and Facebook, - Especially facebook - you can see right through to a person's heart.

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What are they talking about in their stream? Is it all about them? Is about how great they are? Is it about how fantastic they are to be around?

I have spoken to those that matter, our clients, and I know that they could care less how GREAT we, or anyone for that matter, says they are.

In fact, they don't care about those things when it comes to our brand and team. One client, when I surveyed them reference to "businesses bragging on their Social Media", said - "Connor, we are friends - and I think that trumps everything..."

Therefore, what I opine is this - a Person that is continually bragging how great they are, has missed the boat entirely. Their clients don't want to hear about it, people that may be looking for their particular service or product don't want to hear about it, neither does the fray.

Share stories about how a client overcame adversity. Talk about the "how to" of some part of your business. Maybe, share a story about how a consumer thought they were wronged - but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Give by Sharing - let other know that you are human. You are "Mary with the Paris911 Team". Mary can answer questions. Mary is a human being. Mary has three kids that go to school in Valencia CA. Mary was flipped off when dropping off her child by an over agressive parent....

At the end of the day, the braggers and grandstanders are going to fall by the way side, because "most everyone" is doing it that way.

They "why" of that is because grandstanding and bragging is easier. Interacting in a quality way is much harder for sure.

That is why Paris is that end of the business and I have a totally different function. Join with her by heading over to her Facebook page and asking for her friendship. Facebook.com/REMAXofValencia

We also have fan page - you can find that by heading over to it by clicking on this link Facebook.com/Paris911fans

Please be safe - search well and let us know if you need anything at all from my team and I.