Santa Clarita Real estate on linkedinOn LinkedIn, recently, I received the following message from one of those with whom I am a 1st connection point.  That means that we are joined to one another with no one making the introduction - We are Direct LinkedIn Friends.

Until the Email - that is...  Some look at messages and emails like this as a blow to their, already over-inflated, ego's.  I know this because some are intentionally spamming the social media spaces.  I have been sending everything that I write about the current real estate market, the foreclosure activity and where to find the Good Neighbor Program homes (50% off for teachers, police and firemen).  With each new post - usually at least once a day, I post it on my Linkedin wall.

Most of my over 3,000 LinkedIn connections are Military and Law Enforcement members, that stems from my 17 years regular and current Reserve Status with the LAPD.  They appreciate the updates, but not everyone does.

When you are interacting with the Social Media Spaces, when someone sends you an email of this type, don't hate, or get angry, respond in regret and apologize for any misunderstanding.

If I hated you or had a problem with your marketing, do you think I would ever buy or recommend you?  Absolutely not - the same is the case when someone lets you know that they are tired of your updates etc...  Here is the message I received:


Dan North has sent you a message.

Date: 12/17/2011

Subject: Your update

You are over using this site & it is sickening. I am eliminating you as a

Posting the new Santa Clarita Foreclosure Listings via @wibiya #foreclosures #santaclarita #reo #bankowned #paris911

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This is my response back to Dan:

Thank you Dan for your feedback. I will try harder to correct my fallacies. 
I will write a post about your feedback and what I will try to do
To correct my errors. 
I have to say that getting a response like yours is not
Disheartening, it is a learned lesson. :-)
My best. Connor MacIvor.
Then Dan Sent this back to me, apparently surprised:
Wow. I stick with my earlier response, but I'm very impressed with how you handled it.
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It is nice to be of service.  The point being, I don't want everyone to tune into my updates.  I only care about those that "get it" and see the value in the interaction.
My BEST to Dan - Here is his website and although I have never used his services, with Dan being made of this kind of metal, he must be good at what he does...
How would you have handled it?  Do you think it makes a difference if a response is sent or if one ignores the complaint?  Please comment below and Thanks!!!