Search from your phone for real estate

Searching for homes that are currently for sale from your PDA, iPhone, Smartphone, Android or other Mobile Device is easy.  When we talk about "mobile searching" for real estate - there are many that are thinking of the homes that are on wheels.  (Mobile....)

In this case, you can find those types of residences within our Search Platform as well, but we have everything that is listed for sale(no matter with what brokerage or agent).

The GPS Engine on your phone will compliment your searching for Real Estate while stopped in any neighborhood whatsoever.  You can also stop for a bite to eat and use the Paris911 search system to see what properties are selling for in nearby neighborhoods. (anywhere in Southern California)

We have had some of our friends and past clients call us, while surfing for real estate comfortably within their homes, during commercials.

I have said it in the past and I will again, "This Mobile Thing is going to catch on..."

Enjoy - How do you search from our Mobile Search Platform? - Simple, just direct your smartphone, iPhone, Droid, PDA, iPad, tablet (whew), or any other mobile devices browser to  After that you will be taken to a Real Estate Search platform that has been outfitted to compliment your, smaller than "TV", viewing screen.

BE Safe and let us know what you think about Mobile Real Estate Search (not for homes on wheels only :-) )