It's not about price as much as it's about Value.  Most of the people in the world understand - cheaper is not necessarily better.  In fact, my dad used to have a saying, "Son, I'm too poor to buy cheap things..."

The same needs to apply to your website.  Anyone can reduce price.  But what about Value.  How many websites do you want to purposely log-on to?  How many do you find yourself going back to?  How many of the websites do you bookmark?

Give Value First.  Answer questions and incorporate Video into your pages.  But the video platform you choose can make all of the difference in the world.

You don't want a video that you have embedded that may take a potential customer or client away from your website.

That is why the "Self Hosted" option is something you need!  Have a watch as we explain more of the "Why" for self hosted.

Talk soon and thanks for watching.