How do you get one up on those that are calling to get you on the first page of Google? What about those that can get you first page organic placement for $199.00 down and $49.95 a month, with a 6 months guarantee?Better Search engine optimization

Let's pick a part these two promises from the Internet Marketer. First - Let's talk about the first page of Google.

There are many ways to be on Google's First Page. Are they talking about Google Adwords - those are the sponsored ads at the top of Google's search pages and along the right side? Maybe they are talking about the Local Pages - Those are the first 7 listings when the user is accessing a local business on a Google Search. Maybe they are going to place you on in the first page of the organic listings? That would be a feat - allow me to break this down further.

Within the AdWords - for Google, the more $$$ you pay the higher your rankings. Also, the more clicked your ads are (attractive/clever) the more you will appear.

With in Local Ads, Google's Places, you have to be verified as a local business. You also should have everything turned on within your listing - 10 photos, 5 youtube video's, keywords, hours, accepted forms of payment, etc.

For the Organic Search Results - that one is tricky. It may be they are going to have you appear on page one within the Google Organic ranking for some "obscure long tail keyword". Such as, "Looking for Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley with Two Bedrooms and two bathrooms".

Right after the time I posted this, I took that long and obscure keyword phrase and wrote a short article on it to prove a point. By the time this is published, I should be number 1 for that exact keyword phrase. Check it out.  Click here for my to have that phrase Googled for you!!!

Knowing the keywords and vernacular is most important. Call me if you have any questions and I will do my best to give you the "Rest of the Story".

BTW - we are Real Estate agents at REMAX of Santa Clarita, we only try to help with SEO and your Web Placement.  We don't charge for this, we are about playing it forward.  Just to keep the record straight.  If you need help above and beyond our capabilities - we do know people that are stellar at the Internet Thing.