Some of real estate agents in the world have a very simple data entry page on their website. It says enter the information to get what your home is worth.

The agent will then, armed with the information, pull together some comparables. The comparables are only as good as the agent gathering you the data. Some agents are going to shoot Higher than everyone else, because they are attempting to "buy your potential listing".

Not literally, in this case, "buying your listing", means to allow them to be your choice to list the home you may want to sell by giving you a unrealistic price and appealing to any "Greed-gene" that may exist.

How can you avoid this and get what your home is worth without having your personal and private information sold to several hungry agents?

If you live in the Santa Clarita Valley or throughout anywhere in Southern California - We have a market snapshot system that will give you what you are looking for as far as answering the question of "What is my Santa Clarita home worth". (of course you can substitute any city name in Southern California into the same question)

The data gathering system is completely "hands off". All of the data that is gathered comes from the most reliable sources around - the Local Boards of Realtors. In fact, the real estate syndication websites have been trying for a long time to get the local Boards of Realtors to give them their data.

However, we real estate agents and our lobbyists have done well to preserve the actual Data from the boards of realtors from being syndicated(manipulated).

When looking to see what a home is worth, our system will get you the data within 30 minutes of inquiring. It is not manipulated in any way to influence any type of real estate decision. Example, it's not changed or modified to influence a buying or a selling decision.

That is what makes this system so great and why I'm such an advocate of it.

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