We get most of our intel from other sources. After we find a "gem" or even an "Ah hah" morsel, we are quick to talk about it. We also take several and put them together in our Business Tips by Video presentation. We don't talk about things that we have not tried. We have to learn it, try it, then we share it with our Tip List Subscribers. FYI - we don't sent every day, or every week, we do one every couple of weeks...

We cover ways to search for what you are going to write about on your blog. Why content marketing is the "last great" seo frontier How to get page 1 results by taking 2 hours a day to write, write, optimize and write some more. Social Media indicators and why those signals are going to be the difference between your business getting found first and not.

I also give intel related to how we have established our brand in our local market. These things are free because we are not SEO guru's. We are not Internet Optimizers. We are local Santa Clarita real estate agents.

I often drive around. Today I drove to San Gabriel to pick up a lock box. I am now in Azusa before heading back to the SCV to show a home we are pre-marketing. "I could not find a Coffee shop in San Gabriel - I'm sure I did not know where to look. But, I did find one on Foothill Blvd in Azusa. While driving here, I passed a Coldwell Banker Real Estate office - "George", I think. I wanted to stop in and take everyone in the room and give a quick 50 minute lesson on Content Marketing, what it is and how to get started. "It was like daydreaming while I was driving..." I love playing it forward to a fault.

If you are a real estate agent, you may be thinking, "he doesn't want me to find out his secrets, he probably won't allow me to subscribe to his business tips..." You could not be further from the truth. It is not about one "upping" anyone. It's not about being a topper. It is about establishing that relationship. That is how we play it forward and how we have met some our BEST Referral Agents and grew a symbiotic relationship from the care given to that relationship.

Pass it along. If you want to subscribe to our Business Tips that will give you better internet results - Head over to the Top Ranking Santa Clarita real estate website and type the word, "Tips" into the MacBox. Please, let us know how we can help you with the "internet and social media" parts to your Santa Clarita Business.