Let me just give you a glimpse of what this Easy Web Video - Online - video host can do for your Santa Clarita Business Video's.  Click on the link above to see more about the Easy Web Video Product, giving me credit for the referral.  If you want to get the product, but want to do so without giving me credit - that works as well - click here for that!

Step 1 - You will see when the video is finished - you will be taken to a URL of my choosing - in this Case our Main Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog.

Step 2 - On the video screen itself - I Have placed titles - they can be placed anywhere on the screen and contain any TEXT related to your business or anything for that matter.  You can make the text linkable so it becomes click-able!

Step 3 - Although I have not done it, because we have branding all over the backgrounds in our Santa Clarita Video's - the system has the ability to implant a logo of your choosing anywhere on the screen - you do this very easily in the "after editing".  (I typed this before I finished the video branding - you will see the logo in the right upper corner - it too is able to be made click able to go where you want!!!)

Step 4 - Are you wanting to have your video's mobile device and apple viewable - this converts to what type of video file you desire.  A simple Set up.

Step 5 - you have the Ability to join multiple video's together when getting the system set to upload them - they will play one right after the other.

-Auto Play - if you wish, when someone lands on the video page - it will play all by itself (I choose not to enable this option.

-You can also have it any size you wish.

-choices for embedding into blogs and websites are Javascript and HTML.  There is also a link to the video URL if you want to use it.

- don't worry about any other "related" video's being accessed on this platform.  It is all you and your customers and clients will only see your video - Period! - Safer than some of the online video uploading platforms.