Why don't you start a podcast or a radio show. Actually, the correct term for the "online" presentation of your voice over the "web" is "podcast".

Today, the podcast is where Blogging was back in the day. If you remember, blogging was rough, rusted, and only supposed to be about trips, families, and scrapbooking.

Today any internet marketer knows that "Content is King". 

Podcasting for your business

If you are a purveyor of news and information about your business, service or product, you know this all too well. You have also probably taken the necessary steps to write about what you know and read.

You have talked about the experiences that your clients have had, the "shady" dealings and the ways to keep safe when people want to use your, or someone else's product or service.

Why not take those posts, articles, Your Blog, and kick it up a notch and record(speak) what you have written?

If you are not able to be outside of the box, at least for now, until you find your voice, this is a great way to start podcasting.

Below is my "view hits" from Blog Talk Radio. I am on the $39.00 a month plan, but they have a FREE one.

BTW, I'm not an affiliate, this is intel that I think will pay off in big ways for those that are searching online for you, your business or product.

Blog Talk Radio also provides a RSS (really simple syndication) feed for the channel you build.

Guess what, you can then have your podcast on iTunes...

Can you imagine, you will be on iTunes.  Just google those items, or you can click this link to find out how to get your podcast on iTunes.

Blog Talk Radio all time stats March 4, 2014