REMAX Realtors Fit to Sell SeriesGuarantees... Have you been promised one lately?  Did you read the small print?  Maybe it had to do with a "sell your home guaranteed" program that was being pitched?  Maybe it said in big flashy letters, "Guaranteed to sell or I'll buy it!"?

Do these types of advertisements help sell real estate?  Are buyers looking to buy a home online that is being "guaranteed" to be sold or the agent will buy it?  Sounds a bit too desperate in this day and time for these types of pitches, don't you think?

Our getting into real estate did not have everything to do with selling houses. Our getting into real estate was because we were taken when we bought our first home, and coming from a long standing LAPD background, did not want anyone else to get "taken" in a real estate transaction by anyone under our watch!

***If this is something you want to work with, just make sure you are reading all of the small print. Stuff about Scheduled price reductions within certain time frames and for certain amounts. Make sure you know what those "amounts" are going to be.

Also, see how you are going to be notified of an upcoming price change. Is it a set it and forget system?  Does it happen "automatically" by the agent that has guaranteed to sell your home?

If you are not paying attention to the contracts and addendums you are signing, you may be selling your home way under it's FMV - Fair Market Value. - Just be careful!!!

Onto the presentation we built about how we get the maximum amount of exposure online for our real estate sellers listings. Some thing it's a "one button process", that could not be further from the truth. I'm pulling levers online daily to increase the exposure of our Sellers Real Estate listings.

***Look at the contracts for the "asterisks" and make sure you read all of the small print at each reference!

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