The Best Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley have...

Click for the Places of Worship in the Santa Clarita Valley - It seemed appropriate when talking about the BEST :-)

When they are asked to jump, they say "how high!!!".  Maybe that is the military - but it does has it application within the "consuming public" that are looking for the traits that are exhibited by the Best Real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley.

In fact, you can see some things to look for below, if you are not already working with a Real Estate agent.  (BTW - Disclaimer, we never want to be the reason someone leaves their agent's side)


It is somewhat like being "connected" in the Mafia - they know where to go to get the best deals, where the best houses for sale are, which communities will be best for the families that seek the Best Real Estate Service, the Best Neighborhood Schools etc.  They are Totally Plugged into their Community concerning Real Estate and via other "best" services, products and industries.

"Not" untouchable

Not a very funny story, but once upon a time, when we bought our first home, we were taken.  It also appeared after quite a few attempts, our agent was not the best and was doing a GREAT job at being "untouchable".  It was only a matter of time until I connected with him, and he made good on his fallacies that occurred during our "transaction" with him.

There is another trait the Best in Santa Clarita Real Estate agents Share - that is they are able to be contacted.  You should see a common thread across all of their "internet" portals, to search, hunt, get values and everything that is Real Estate...  They have their phone number displayed, they have posted their email address and they have a "contact type form".

---> 661-400-1720 and this...)

Besides being easy to contact, the Best Real estate agents also pick up the phone, return emails and get involved in your conversation.  It makes sense that a service provider would want to speak with anyone, whether it makes immediate $$$ or not.. At least this makes sense to the "Best Real Estate agents".

It is understandable why some keep their email address and phone numbers off of the internet - It's because of Spam.  If I can endure over 750 spam emails a day and a slew of "telemarketers" calling, just so I am accessible and where my clients need me to be - I will do it all day long.


The Best of Anything should be "trustworthy".  Real Estate is no different, but how do you qualify those who's services you are going to employ when it comes to making the largest investment of your life or selling one?  Start Googling.  Get dug in and set up at least 3 appointments with those agents that are going to take the time to speak with you in their offices.

The Best Real Estate agents should not care if you are spending 50K on a mobile home or 50M on a Malibu estate home on the beach.  They will either take time on both ends of the spectrum, and in the middle - or they are not "trustworthy" and should not be titled "Best in Real Estate agents".

The Best should keep you informed throughout the Real Estate process.  They should make it known what could fall through, where you might not be covered, and what are examples of mistakes their previous clients might have wanted to make but were stopped by them as their Best Realtor of choice.

Not "Paycheck" dependent

This one is Tricky, but is another trait displayed by the Best and Brightest Real Estate agents in the SCV.  You will never be treated as if you are a "pay check".  As if you are the only way they are going to make their car payment.  The Best Realtors should hold you on a pedestal and provide the service which you seek.  At the same time, watching out for you as their client and via "full disclosure".  Always making sure you are Protected and Served by the best with all of your Real Estate Needs.

What do you think some of the Best Traits are of Service Providers, Insurance, Real Estate, Etc...???  Have you been promised things only to have those "service providers" retract before impact (sorry for the song reference).

Please comment below...

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