How to find the best Santa Clarita Home InspectorsWe are Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and have access to some of the best Santa Clarita home inspectors.

First, you are going to want your home inspector to be certified.  A plus is when they are contractors too.

That way, without creating a conflict of interest, they can advise how much stuff is going to cost to be repaired.

To find the best in the Home Inspection arena - make sure your Realtor advises you. However, you are going to want to know why they think their home inspector is the best.

Look for them to say things like, "They have stellar attention to detail - they comment on things that I don't see - They should be called Captain Obvious..."  To have a home inspector that points out everything they see with the knowledge and training that can only come from being seasoned - that is something very special and what you want to look for as a buyer, seller or investor.

BTW - a friend of mine on Google Plus came up with more "Home Inspector Nicknames": 

Rich Cederberg

Just trying to brainstorm more inspector nicknames like Captain Obvious +Connor T. MacIVOR . How about Colonel Nit-Picky, Major Meticulous,  Sargeant Scrutiny....

Be safe - search well and let us know when we can help you with your real estate in and around the Santa Clarita Valley.