Remember the boy scout motto?  Maybe you don't, if you weren't in scouts - but it's "Be Prepared".

That is one of the ways we are keeping our Santa Clarita Valley real estate buyers on top of the real estate procurement and purchasing game.

Besides it being Paris and I, the team leaders of our Paris911 at REMAX Real Estate team, we have 3 full time Buyers Agents employed that are without names on their jerseys.

They all pull for our buyers, as do Paris and I.

You may know this, but you know other people than we do.

That seems like a very simple statement, but the fact of the matter is, we are all connected to different people.

The same goes for Santa Clarita Real Estate buyers agents.  Each of the members of our staff has different relationships with people that Paris and I don't.

Some of those relationships overlap, but others have no connection between our real estate team members.

That is a plus for the buyers that are working with our Paris911 Team at REMAX.

All of our staff - buyers agents, our Administrative Assistant and ourselves - Paris and I - know what all of the Buyers of the Paris911 Team are looking for.

24/7/365 - we are searching.  When we have a connection with another agent, buyers agent, or one of their administrators, and they have a listing that is headed to the market - we succeed at being a much better "connection point" than what is typical.

Have a listen - please check out our Santa Clarita Open Houses Website at Santa Clarita Open Houses dot com if you are looking to do some real estate searching via driving.

Buyers Agent Giuliana Albi The Paris911 Team at REMAX

Lisa Kaul Santa Clarita Buyers Agent