This is the latest question from a person that submitted a comment via our Santa Clarita Foreclosure Blog.  He wanted to know how he could find who owns a specific foreclosure property or an abandoned home.

It seems that he had been driving around his neighborhood and there are a couple of homes that have seemed to be abandoned.  This raises a couple of concerns - What about Squatters?  What about Kids? - Both are dangerous... Squatters are dangerous to the neighborhood and Kids are dangerous to themselves :-)

It could be quite some time between the day the owner "human" vacates the home and the time the bank takes possession of it.

We have seen this occur with some of the properties that we are given to manage and sell as Foreclosures.  In fact, in two different cases, We struck a cash for Keys agreement with the tenant by residence - not by agreement(as in a lease etc..).  All was well in the world and he and I went on our merry ways.  About three months elapsed and I was going to a property in North Hollywood to check on the occupancy status.  I knocked on the door and low and behold, who do you think answered???  Yes, the same cat we paid three month earlier with a cash for keys agreement.

He recognized me and he said, "If you want me out of this one - it will cost the bank $3000.00..."  Apparently his fee went up, on the last one he agreed with $700.00.  Here is a guy that is taking a negative and turning it into a positive - he was almost homeless - he might have had an agreement on the original home with the CFK, when I first met him...  Who knows for sure????- but on this one I was sure he did not.

Someone must have seen him moving in - "someone" should have asked him what he was doing.  That "someone" should have at least called the Police and told them the situation.  With the high property abandonment rate, the cops don't want more issues with squatters and clandestine drug labs being set up in any neighborhood.  Especially if it could have been prevented.

There is nothing I could have done, the utilities were in his name, he was occupying the property, I told the bank of my experience - The bank responded, "there is no way to prove anything, we just need to get him out and get the property on the market for sale."

I did just that - and Mr. Squatter was paid his fee and he moved along.

If there is a specific property you know of and you want to see who the owner is - Give us a call and we will get Title Ran and you a report emailed that will have all of the specific information about the home in question.