It has been done finally. Copy Blogger did a GREAT write up yesterday.  BTW - if you have not signed up to get their "updates and more effective copy-writing and blogging articles", go to their website and sign up. "Copyblogger dot com".

Updated writing styles for blogs"Great Content is not like Witches stacking rocks"

 FYI - we had joined a while ago, there is very little "self promotion" in the way of "buy this or buy that", they run a clean game and it's nice.  You can join without having to worry about being sold the whole store every day!!!

I love the "ah ha" moment.  In fact, I think I love them more than "pizza and vodka", both of which I really enjoy - not together - but, maybe I digress.

The article I received via email talked about writing shorter snippets of content.  That most readers get tired.

They also talked about the reading rates to the longer blog articles and posts.

One of the things that really hit home to me was about formatting.  How to write.

Remember school?

I had been writing as if my past English Teacher in the 8th grade was sitting behind me watching me write.  However, this was not helping my readership.

Most people that read, having been conditioned by the internet, read differently than in the past.  People "Scan", they don't digest unless it is something "incredible".  As was the Copy-blogger article.

Like I said, or maybe I did not, I got it!  It really hit home for me and the way I write.

What do you think?  How do you write?  Are you always worried about the "spell checkers" of the world and potentially turning them off when you make a grammatical error, contextual or a spelling mistake?

Don't - Just keep swimming as the fish from Finding Nemo Says.  It will work out.  And unless you are selling spell checkers, you may not want them as readers anyway :)