I wear shirts with our logos.  I also hand out business cards.  How do you advertise your business while just living?

Local Santa Clarita real estate agents that help local businessesI know you know we are dug in deeper than Alabama Ticks on the internet. This is a venue that Paris and I both know will continue to grow, and the "early adopters" will succeed at an obscene level.

What about you?  Are you embracing the WWW in the taking of your brand to the next level?

Have you heard of SlideShare, that is where this Branding Presentation came from.  It's kind of new, if you are not one that is "plugged in".

You may want to check it out, they have a high "page rank rating". - PR8.  That means if you publish something on their platform, the Search Engines will Love it.  As long as it's not horrible, but then again, even negative has an ability to take off, so who knows :)

Be safe - search well and thanks for checking out this Branding Video that I found on Slideshare.

I think it drives the point home about developing and spreading the news about your personal Santa Clarita business brand.

Thanks SCV - We will talk soon and let us know if we can help you in any way, shape or form...