Misleading on purpose?

Great question today from a potential Client.  I requested clarification to the question.  Via SMS, I asked if he meant, "accuracy when searching the Large Syndication websites?" - Or, "Accuracy as far as price?" First time buyers need to protect themselves

He said, "Both".  I then went on to explain that when you are searching from some of the large Syndication websites, the listings and all applicable data, not just reference to foreclosures, are sometimes outdated.  In fact, some have those properties that are currently "in escrow" showing as if they are fully available.

Using local Realtor Search Systems

I then went onto explain that when searching with local Real Estate agents systems, you are better off to be seeing a more true rendition of the "available" foreclosure listings.

However, this too can fall short.  Here's how.  If the listing agent, the one that uploads the listing and applicable data into the Multiple Listing System, goverened by the Local Board of Realtors, has not updated their specific listing, it would fall short.

The MLS systems would show listings that are actually in Escrow and not Available - as Active Listings.

You can see the "fall out" this can cause when being a Buyer of Real Estate and wanting to buy homes, condo's and town-homes, that show active - but are not.

How do we fix this dilemma?

When it comes to searching for real estate, we also "stress" for you to get your own advocate.  Your own real estate consultant that is in  your corner and your's alone.  You will be thankful when certain items within a real estate transaction need to be enforced and you are 100% on Your real estate professional's side(and visa versa).  Which would not be the case if your real estate agent was the actual Listing Agent!

It is fixed when it comes to our Paris911 Team's inquiring phone calls, SMS messages and emails, inquiring about specific listings our clients are interested in.  We can find out a lot of things that will have to do with our clients being able to purchase the home that is within their sights.  Including whether or not the home is really available or is being left "active" in the system to generate more real estate leads.

If you have not "read this first" - Please do so, it is a great education!