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Good to everybody. I know it was only Friday when I did the last update. And I know today is five days in the future. From that time I did that last update. So now it's January 20th, 2021. I am Connor MacGyver. There's a lot to talk about with regard to real estate and what's going on in the world. Also, some misinformation that's floating around out there. I thought I would put it to rest. I'll tell you what, um, once it's become so easy to publish, anybody can become an expert. So, so the price of admission relatively well, it's free. I upload my videos to YouTube. I have used different podcasting platforms in the past, but again, when you look at the cost to be able to publish those very, very inexpensive, YouTube is still free. So that's one of the reasons I'm on that platform. It is widely viewed and listened to.


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There are a lot of people that go there. They see that particular link, right? And they do trust it because it's something that they know is safe. It's hard to beat that, right? If you're getting some weird looking URL or address to go to, to look at a radio or actually listen to a radio show or look at a video, you might not go, you might not click, but if it's YouTube, my gosh, and he could sell it, you know, share those in text messages, put them pretty much anywhere. And somebody's going to click on them because they're going to feel safe. That's one of the biggest reasons besides it being free. Don't tell them, but I would potentially pay for that platform to be able to publish my radio shows and videos. But, uh, I don't as of yet, because they don't charge.


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Thank God for that real estate updates here in Santa Clarita Valley. One of the pieces of misinformation that are going on talks about you doesn't actually need an agent or broker to purchase residential real estate. That's not the misinformation. That's true. You don't need it. If you happen to find a house that you want to purchase, you could, as the video stated, you could go get a real estate attorney to do the transaction or deal for you. Um, so I guess the misinformation comes in. As far as cost goes, what will that cost? You can also have an agent do the same thing. They can go do the door, knock and make that connection point even better. Well, you could actually go do the door, knock yourself, and hire an escrow company to potentially do the transaction for you and the potential seller that might be even a better option than what they talk about.


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As far as going and getting a real estate attorney to handle it. Of course, right? Real estate attorneys can pretty much do whatever they want. I think any attorney can do pretty much whatever they want. I don't believe there's any licensing required in real estate. I in California, at least once you are an attorney, all you have to do is I don't think you even need to take the test or maybe you don't have to take the fulfilling the requirements, but whatever it is, it's a lot easier to go that route than it is to do it from zero. If you're an attorney. So to do that, that course goes without saying, a lot of things are offered to attorneys that, uh, the uneducated, if you, if you want to even go that route aren't allowed. So they can kind of step into a lot of different things.


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But at the end of the day, whenever you're going to be looking at whom you're going to hire cost is important, but service is also important. I'll tell you. We had people when I was with the police department, they were a fast track. So what that basically means, and police vernacular is they had a sponsor. Somebody that was high up on the chain of command really, really liked him. And they started promoting really, really quickly. And that's good for them, but bad for, in, in a lot of the cases, bad for the rank and file officers, they were going to be supervising at this point because they didn't pack the gear, nor did they have the experience that a lot of other supervisors do that get that rank the hard way have to work hard for it, have to push for it, have to a tried and tested.


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You have to pass those particular, um, you know, rites of passage if you will. So they have the hours that they put into it. They didn't have somebody that sponsor them and said, Hey, listen told all their other command staff level friends or other supervisors that are going to potentially be part of the process of this individual making its way through his way or her way through getting hired and actually approved and high on that list. Once it releases telling them all, Hey, you know, uh, you know, uh, officer Gonzales, wow, what a great guy, you know, a great girl or a great person. They're wonderful people, you know, they're going to make great supervisors, but, and then you look at officer Gonzalez has not really done much of anything in their career. In fact, they might have even been in a position where they have no field experience whatsoever.


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Maybe at the very beginning, they had a language skill that was needed. Maybe they went to, let's say a division like anti-terrorist division. So they really skipped the field. And then two and a half, three, four years later, they happen to have a degree and associates back in the day, that's what was required. I don't know what it is now. Now we're here we're at 2021, but now all of a sudden they're fast-tracked. They do pass the test. They get very high oral scores. And now they're out in the field as a supervisor, like a number one on that next list. How's it going to work? You officers need to make a decision. And now Sergeant Gonzales might not be able to make that decision because he doesn't have the ability nor does he have, has he had the experience required to be able to do it?


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Well now fall back into real estate, fall back into this particular endeavor. A lot of people see it like wow. You know, we bought a house and our agent practically did nothing and they made a lot of money. So let's go ahead and move forward. And I think, honey, I think you should become a real estate agent. So you can basically do nothing and make a lot of money. And in fact, you know what? I'll tell all the people I work with you're in real estate and they can use you to be able to purchase their next house. And, Oh my gosh, we'll be sad. It'll be piece of cake. That's really doing your wife. Significant other whomever you're saying to go do this a disservice it's um, it looks easy. I'll tell you, I'll give an example a couple of two days ago, and this is something you might not expect, right?


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One property we put on the market for sale to earn this big commission. As a lot of people think it involved 22 offers were received well in my world. It's only fair if all of the offers are countered, all of the offers are basically answered in writing. So if one of the offers asks for the washer and dryer to be included as part of the sale, that counter is then going to be different from the other ones. Because that counters going to say whether or not the sellers are going to leave the washer and dryer, they're not, we're not going to assume. So in this particular case, the sellers on this property are going to take the washer and dryer with them. So then that counter has to be written beside the other normal things, the responded to encounter offer form like maybe highest and best offers submitting by a particular time, maybe reducing timeframes, maybe talking about appraisal contingencies.


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Yet I stay away from that because, to me, that's not a very fair counter to ask somebody to remove an appraisal contingency, but it happens. And it's a part of, a lot of counters out there. A lot of agents are writing it, but on top of that, responding and having these particular people, changing requirements in the offer itself, modifying things that they've written, those have to be done and addressing each one of them independently of the other offers received how much work well that's hours and hours of work has to be correct. There's a lot of liability on the line. If a counteroffer sent out a green to something the seller doesn't want to agree with. Well, that really big commission, you think agents certainly it's going to start being whittled away at it's going to start being cut down because now the sales agent or the agent representing the seller because of their mistake, the seller is going to have to pay for it.


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Well, the seller's not going to just pay for it and Hey, you know what, Connor boy, you don't miss that one. Didn't you buddy? Well, better luck next time. And we're just going to let it ride and I'll pay it out of my pocket. That's not what happens. Hey, Connor. I hope you're going to pay for that because I didn't want that custom stove from 1936, uh, made a New Jersey that I imported here and bought off a Craigslist several years ago. It's worth a lot of money. I didn't want that. So stove to go with the property as we had discussed. Now you have one of the offers asking for it and you missed it. It's not my fault, Connor. You're going to pay me $15,000 for that stove because that offer happens to the best. And that's the one I'm going to choose. Well, now Connor's kind of in a bind, right?


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So there goes all of the commission and the plus Connor still has to pay. Eno still has to pay. Remax still has to pay. The fed still has to pay the state. So these, this is big game time. This is real estate isn't it, I'm just shooting the dark and hope it works. There's a lot that needs to be known in this business. And if agents aren't staying up on their education, if agents aren't staying active, they're going to miss it. And who pays? Well, of course, the agent's going to pay, but also the client pays, right? The buyer pays. The seller pays. These are issues that come up from time to time in real estate. And unfortunately just like on the LAPD, we used to look at serial numbers to kind of gauge how much time a person out on the job. Now in real estate, we do the same thing.


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We're looking at 20,000 series or 20 million series numbers out therefrom that are being issued. These are people that have one, two, three years, four years as being licensed. How many years of those is actually doing transactions and deals? Maybe they were doing something else. Maybe they still weren't ready to get in. They got their license a few years ago but did nothing with it. Maybe they still had a full-time job or a part-time job or, or were staying at home or relaxing, or they weren't ready to do it. Now they're becoming active. So realistically having that time, the same thing with the police department, they could have a particular serial number that corresponds to only being in the field a year. But maybe that time they weren't even in the field at all. Maybe they were a light-duty. Maybe they hurt themselves. Maybe they were working the desk, lots of different things.


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At the end of the day, talking with these people, sitting down across from them, sizing them up, asking them questions about how long they've really been in the business, not dating their time in the business from the time they first saw a house, but actually were licensed and started representing people where they were had their name on contract as representing the buyer or their name on contract as representing the seller. These are important things. Folks, you're talking about big money here. That's why real estate hasn't gone. The way of automation. It's still really important to have somebody sitting next to you when you're about to spend $750,000 on a house, or whether you're about to sell a house for $750,000 or less or more having somebody by your side that knows the ins and outs and how it works knows what to expect has metal in the game has had the experiences that they're able to pass along has had those things come up, has had off sellers and angry buyers.


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That's truly valuable. And you're not going to get that with an automated system, looking online, telling you, Hey, Jack, your house is worth $450,000 and we'll sell it for you tomorrow because we are Zillow or some other company. You really need somebody by your side. That really knows what they're doing. And that has your best interest at heart. People that are in this business for the long run. They, even if it was through trial and error, if at the end of the day, they have to do their clients, right, they have to treat their clients, right. They have to protect their clients because it is a small world. Folks. This stuff does come back to bite people that are screwing people over and over and over again. And then they ran out. We had a couple out here in Santa Clarita Valley. They were running out of Santa Clarita Valley.


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Now they're out, down in Orange County or somewhere else in Southern California, actually, uh, selling real estate, representing buyers and sellers. It just takes time, but you, you heard enough people it's going to come back. It's going to bite you. You know, the review systems out there, they're everywhere. Sure. There's going to be crap on there. There are going to be people that are going to be filling out things that aren't true. But at the end of the day, you're going to know what's true and what's not. And in fact, on our Yelp page, Oh my God, I must have 60 or 70 reviews that are filtered because the Yelp algorithm doesn't believe that they're real reviews. And what I tell anybody that comes in, you want to talk to real people. You want to talk to the people that broke through these reviews. I know every one of them, we represented them legit.


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They were our legitimate clients, walked them through the whole process, help them buy or sell or whatever it was. You can call them. I'll give you their phone number, no problem. And we have that open door with all of our clients because it's important. If you are gauging, if you are trying to make a decision and sitting in my office, talking to me, isn't enough. You want to go to that next step, which I would. Then you have people to call. You have people to talk to, to find out what's going on. And if they actually liked me and what did they like about me besides what their review says, let's get into the market folks. January 20th, 2021 today's Wednesday hump day, uh, Santa create a home experts.com is we're going to find all the real estate data. I did unlock the system. The systems unlock, meaning you don't have to register or give up any information or anything like that to search for Santa Clarita real estate.


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I will tell you one of the biggest points today started, it started May 5th of 2020 has to do with coming soon listings right now, as of this moment at 12:06 PM Pacific standard time here in Santa Clarita, California in Los Angeles County, we have 15 properties fitting the coming soon criteria. Meaning these particular properties have 21 days from when they're first posted, coming soon for them to become active life on the market listings. This is now being used by a lot of agents because it does give their properties a lot of exposure. However, you're not seeing these in a lot of places online, unless you are connected to one of the local agents out there that have you set up on a search with regard to your criteria in the multiple listing service. It's not going to come from private websites because they haven't worked out all the kinks yet.


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And they don't want that data to get out there to people besides who are being sent those listings via their agents through the MLS or multiple listing service. So what does that mean to you while you have to do is call Connor or email Connor, or go save your search@santacretahomeexperts.com and I'll reach out to you and find out what your criteria is. I don't already see it, or maybe ask you some better questions than maybe you have access to and then get your search style then. So you can also see the coming soon listings because if you were searching between $750,000 and $450,000, and all of a sudden it created a Valley for single family residences or a condo townhome, you would miss, what is it? We have 15 in that price range, you'd missed 10. You wouldn't see 10 listings prior to them coming onto the market.


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Now, at the end of the day, I'll give you a secret with regard to this coming soon, listings are great, but in a majority of cases, in fact, almost a hundred percent, those sellers that have the coming soon listings that had their agents talk with them and say, Hey, this is a good idea. Let's do this. What's going to end up happening is they will want those listings to hit the full active market with all of their beauty, with all of their photographs, with all of their tours, with all the nine yards, they're going to want them to hit that market and come out and in full view of everybody before they actually decide to settle on an offer. If you look at a listing that's coming soon if you're able to sneak in with your agent, and this does happen quite a bit, we get our clients in first, at the end of the day, it's not, it's going to be me meaningless until that property has had time to propagate within all the online channels.


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That's just the way it's working currently because there is a lot of competition and a lot of buyers out there for each listing. I told Joe one, we put one up here last week, 22 offers. And they're all by, you know, great agents, right? They're all, all the agents are pretty good. And so it's really not, you know, nobody's fault wall. There are some offers that are better than others. There offers going in where the agents either on their own accord, hopefully not actually talk their clients into really being competitive. Besides price. Price is easily worked out depending, but besides that, they put all sorts of things in there, removing the appraisal contingencies stating if the property doesn't appraise for the amount that they're offering, they're going to pay the difference. I mean, putting it in plain English like that, moving it, not leaving any grade areas or any confusion or things that might be misunderstood, where are we're in?


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They wouldn't have any enforcement of moving into maybe changing the, uh, the time that's allowed for them to do inspections stating that they're not going to ask for anything in the way of requests for repairs. No, ma'am as far as inspections go. So a lot of people have gone really, really far with these offers that were submitted. And you can too, some of the things that really turn on a seller these days are underwriter pre-approval letters, which isn't sure garden variety run of the mill white bread type approval. This is a substantial approval that where a client has actually gone through the entire process. We're an underwriter at a lending outfit that has actually blessed it. That gets a lot of, uh, gives a lot of power to a buyer out there. And that's one of the ways you can make your offer better. But at the end of the day, the most important thing, and I'm hitting.


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Yeah. And on today's real estate radio show has to do with hiring smart hire that agents that are going to best represent you. And don't be afraid of asking them good questions, how long they been in the business? How many clients have they had, don't be afraid to ask them for referrals at the end of the day, they're blessed to have you interviewing them? So let's have a good showing. Let's have a good competitive showing interview two or three or four, but at the end of the day, you're going to know after you talk with somebody, you're going to know who's going to make sense for you. It's going to click and it'll click quick and lock you in. And you'll, you'll feel comfortable. You'll feel safe. You'll feel protected. You'll feel like this agent really is the one that's going to be able to make it happen for you and yours.


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And you feel like this agent really has no interest besides yours. That's the way you're going to feel when you find that right. One I've caught her MacGyver Santa create a home experts.com, please check us out online. And also Santa creates a home experts.com forward slash blog. You're going to see this radio show most recent. And if you're tuning in to this, later on, you'll see the other real estate radio shows that we produce. And then on that channel, you'll see 2000 that we've produced prior to plus I'm Connor. It's always a pleasure. Thank you so much for tuning into this week's real estate update. We are at hump day, January 20th, 2021. I'm Connor MacGyver, your host Santa, his longest-running real estate podcast and radio show Connor MacGyver over and out.


This way, with this badly done transcription, you will be able to navigate through the show and listen at any point that you'd like. I'm Connor with Honor and I'm glad to be of great service to you and yours. Let me know and I will be here for you and yours related to anything you need in Real Estate.