Santa Clarita real estate market reports

Local real estate markets are flowing. And we are seeing that numbers are not as our Real Estate Sellers would like.

In fact, the real estate buyers are not happy either. Prices are up 16% when compared with March of 2013.

It's taking longer for real estate listings to sell, at the present time.

I have to say "at the present time" because, those stats can change and turn on a dime.

With regard to real estate buyers, I don't see any "relaxation" in the current prices, however - make sure you know how much your should be offering on the home you want to buy.

Some of the current market is plagued with real estate listings that are overpriced as compared with the actual comparable listings.

One of the ways to know for sure, if what you are offering is spot on, or too much, check out BEST Residential Values and be safe. Reach out to my Paris911 Team of Realtors when you are ready.