Homes for Sale in Santa Clarita with pools is something that I am able to send to my clients with our SCVnest MLS search system.

Here is an example:

Santa Clarita homes with pools for sale

How to Search for Santa Clarita Pool Homes

Some items to watch out when searching for Santa Clarita homes with pools will be discovered when you double check the website you are searching on.

Some of the real estate websites which were created only to get you to give up your personal and private information. These are known as real estate syndication websites and most have a feature known as lead procurement. That is where they sell your personal and private information to those willing to pay for it.

The real estate syndication websites don't only sell your personal and private information to real estate agents. They will also sell it to mortgage companies, brokers, big box stores in the areas, home improvement stores, the local grocery chains and others.

Big responsibility safety and security

When buying a Santa Clarita home with a pool there are basic requirements that each "responsible" homeowner should be aware of. When buying a pool home safety and security will be at the top of your list.

Most adults, that can swim, won't have an issue being safe in the pool. It's the adults that cannot swim and the kids which may make their way into the pool without your knowledge. Therefore the swimming pool needs to have strict security preparation.

With any pool, you will need to ensure that access is not simple for those who cannot swim and from the little children. Kids have a way where they can get to places we don't want them to be. A Santa Clarita home with a pool may be one of those places.

Get a loud audible pool alarm for all doors where a small child can gain access to the pool. Have them activated at all times so you will hear if they open without your approval.

I was at a Santa Clarita home with a pool a while back that had the alarms on all doors leading to the pool area. That was great, this seller was prepared to keep his children safe from going to the pool without their knowledge and supervision. However, there was a pet door installed. There was no alarm on the pet door and a small child could easily gain access to the pool without their parent's knowledge.

I pointed this out to our home buyers and they concurred. It was a mistake on the part of this homeowner and could end in tragic consequences.

Of course, alarms are great, but locking mechanisms and fences are even better.

One thing that most people don't consider is what if a neighbor child were to make it into their backyard? If they have a Santa Clarita home with a pool this could end up badly. Gates should be equipped with locks. If they have no way of locking, then they should be modified to have locked in place.

Some use the "strength" test as a lock. Having an opener that requires an adults strength to access. I have met some pretty strong kids who are resourceful. Don't count on it when you are relaxing in your living room on a Sunday watching football, that a kid cannot get into a strength activated gate gaining access to your swimming pool.

There is nothing like a keyed lock. Where you have the only key. And that key is on your keyring and that keyring is in the pocket of the pants you have on.

Keeping your kids, the neighborhood kids and all kids protected from gaining access to your Swimming Pool is very important. I cannot even imagine what pain would be created by having a bad event in my Santa Clarita swimming pool. It would be devastating for sure.

One of the best ways to protect yourselves and those whom you love from accessing your swimming pool is going to be by having a separate fence and gate installed.

For someone in the neighborhood of $2000 - $4000 dollars, you can have an entire pool fenced with a lock. This solves all of the issues with having a private pool at your home.

In a day, the Swimming Pool Fence company will come out and equip your home with a fence that is kid proof. This is of course after they have come out to measure and sell you on their swimming pool fence.

The nice thing about these modern swimming pool fences is they are able to be taken down and rolled up when you are entertaining or want "free" access to the swimming pool.

When you are present with your kids, advise everyone to always keep an eye on them. Kids have a way of being underfoot one minute and being absent the next. Keep an eye on your Santa Clarita swimming pool at all times.

To install or not to install

With the warm summers in the Santa Clarita Valley, we do find in most cases, homes with swimming pools in the SCV sell faster and at a premium. People love to buy homes with swimming pools being that we are pretty close to desert conditions for a couple of months in the summer.

Some ask me the question as to whether or not they should "put in" a swimming pool when we are viewing properties. I respond with a question pertaining to how long they are planning to live there. If a Santa Clarita homeowner is going to stay in their home for the next 30 years and they want to put in a Swimming Pool, no problem.

If that same new Santa Clarita homeowner is going to be upsizing in the next 5 years, then I'd advise against it. The return on the pool will be a lot less than it would have been after 30 years of enjoyment.

A Swimming pool being added to Santa Clarita real estate is considered to be an ultra-premium upgrade. There is a lot of cost with a swimming pool, with maintenance and the like.

Double check and Triple check the equipment

One of the ways we keep our Santa Clarita swimming pool updated and in great shape, is by having a home warranty policy that covers swimming pools. This is an inexpensive monthly fee, or yearly depending on how you want to pay for it. Home warranties typically come with a home purchase covering it for the first year at the home seller's expense.

If you are buying a home that has a swimming pool already installed in Santa Clarita. If the homeowner is paying for a home warranty, make sure it also is of the amount where that policy will cover your Santa Clarita residences pool.

To keep your pool looking super clear and clean with the right balance of chemicals, you are going to need to maintain it. I tried to do it myself with my Santa Clarita pool home but was unable to get the chemicals right and I was concerned someone swimming may get hurt.

I have a great Santa Clarita pool person that comes by each week and takes care of everything. All I have to do is a quick cleaning before we want to use the pool. Even having the pool guy here weekly, the pool attracts leaves and such in the interim.

The charge to have a pool maintained weekly is about $100 bucks a month. He checks my equipment for leaks and ensures everything is running smoothly. Of course, some pool people charge more and some are horrible from my experience. Reach out to me and I'll send you my pool maintainer's information. He is awesome and it's true when they say the "third time" is a charm.

When buying a Santa Clarita home with a pool double and triple check the pool equipment. If you don't know anything about pools, you will need to hire a home inspector that does or another independent inspector that specializes in pools.

Different Santa Clarita Valley Pools

Viewing pool homes in the Santa Clarita Valley with our home buyers, we run into very "different" swimming pools. Some of the Santa Clarita pools are saltwater, which requires less in the way of chemicals and maintenance some of the pool experts say.

Some of the homes we show in the SCV with pools have those "traditional" white plaster bottoms and inlaid tile. These are the "older" types that were prevalent between 1980-1998.

I will also run into homes in the SCV with pools of the "flagstone" type with large rocks and slides installed. Massive waterfalls and LED remote controlled lights to top off these beauties.

Pebble Tech - Black Bottom Pools - there are some of the newer surfaces that are available to find when wanting to buy a Santa Clarita home with a pool.

Find out how the pool amenities are controlled. Are they up to date using some sort of downloadable APP? Are they using the old radio transmitter and receivers located by where the pool equipment is? A third option is one where you have to go to where the pool equipment is and throw the switches manually at that location.

If you are going to go to the trouble of buying a home in Santa Clarita Valley that has a pool, you really need to do your homework by reading articles such as these.

If you are looking at a white plaster bottom pool, you may notice some circular "penny looking" discolorations on the bottom. That is where steel is pushing up from below the pool into the plaster. It's a sign of age and will eventually cause the plaster to scar and start to crack. This will eventually make the plaster start to chip and become sharp which may cause injuries.

When a pool is in this condition it will carry an approximate $20,000 price tag to be fixed. The water will need to be drained and the entire pool will have to be refinished. This action will probably take you another 20-30 years, as are some of the refinisher's warranties.

Additional inspection items at homes with pools

Something to also get a report on when buying a Santa Clarita home with a pool is the pool filter. This is typically an oblong looking tank with a pressure indicator on the top or side. This is the device where the pool water enters and is filtered, then returns back to the swimming pool.

The Pool Pump is responsible for pumping the pool water through the pool filter and then returning said water to the swimming pool. Both the pool pump and the pool filter are very expensive items. You are going to want to make sure they are in good condition. The home warranty that I mentioned, if you buy the home with a home warranty covering the pool and equipment, will cover these high ticket items. Know this, if you are in the process of buying a home and if something doesn't work, the home warranty won't cover it. They only cover equipment that has broken after you have taken possession of the home and for the length of the policy.

Another big ticket item is the pool heater. While most summer nights the pool has retained enough heat from the day to be comfortable, it's nice bringing up the heat in colder weather. Not to mention the HOT TUB! - That bad boy needs to be at about 100 degrees for proper entertainment.

Activation of the pool heater should be simple. Find out how it works and then see what type it is. Most are gas and seem to be the most efficient. There are also heat pumps that are electric for you solar fans, which work pretty well also.

A word about pool people. Those are the service providers who come out to maintain your pool. If they are telling you that you need to replace an item, and you have a home warranty, it's easy to verify what they are telling you is correct. If you don't get a "second opinion" because you don't have a home warranty, call another pool service company. If you are buying or own a Santa Clarita home with a pool you need to always get a second opinion on any replacement of pool equipment. It's expensive and sometimes replacing one item will remedy the situation only temporarily, only to have that "new item" prematurely wear out another item because it was more powerful than intended - etc..

I'm Connor MacIvor and this has been my article about Santa Clarita pool homes. Buying them and protecting yourselves against the costs and responsibility of ownership. I've been selling real estate since 1998 and am happy to help you buy or sell your Santa Clarita home with a pool.