You should look at real estate listings in person until you are certain that you have found "the one"!

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Onto the Show - Let the Santa Clarita HomeBuyer Expert give you the answer to how many homes should you look at before making an offer.

How many homes should I look at before making an offer?

I will tell you as social proof, we have had clients that have looked at a single home during an open house and have called us to make the offer.

We have had other clients that have seen over 100 homes before they found the one and wanted to make an offer on.

Once you get dialed in and once we have the "ninja grasp" on what it is you are looking for, the chances are that you are going to find that perfect home more sooner than later.

Not just looking at a home that is for sale

During our "process" of showing real estate, I pay particular attention to the property as an investor would. I will also bring you up to speed as my real estate home buyer pertaining to what I'm looking for.

I want the home that we are looking for to "above all else" has good bones. If there is evidence of dry rot or termite issues, then those issues need to be investigated all the way to "solved", before I will let my buyers proceed through to closing.

In some cases, I have had my home buyers enter a residence that was on my research list to view when we encounter mold under a sink or in a closet.

Mold is another one of those issues that will quickly have me turned off as to whether or not the buyer should proceed. Mold investigations are very expensive. If the seller seems willing to remedy all the mold situations, then we may be good to go. That is going to be dependent if the mold abater is able to write a certificate stating the entire home is mold free after the seller's expense in having it remedied. (this is not very likely - so hence with my discovering mold when showing my home buyers, it typically results on us moving on to another listing)

Some of the other items that I look for are things like "upgraded plumbing and piping" if we are viewing an older home.

I want to see when the home has been built and deal with things like acoustic ceilings, which if older may contain asbestos. In some cases, these types of ceilings have only been covered by sheetrock or plywood and not removed from the interior structure. This is not good as it will always pose a threat to the home buyer and those who are living in the home.

I look under the sinks for evidence of leaks - I want to see the Air Conditioner compressors and how they are cleared from obstructions so they can breathe. Those are also good to look for regarding any pet damage and pet damaged caused by urination.

If the A/C seems like it has been serviced recently, that should translate into the home where the HVAC unit is. Most times in a modern home that is going to consist of a large rectangular box sitting in a closet of some type or in the attic, or elsewhere. There will be an intake vent nearby and there should be a filter in the unit or within the intake vent.

If the filters are clean, I point that out that the homeowner, either for our benefit or because they replace their filters ever three months as suggested, are doing it right and that makes me happy.

If the aluminum type tape on the unit is newer with a newer service date sticker, that is something that is also noted.

Having to replace A/C or the HVAC unit itself is expensive. While most home buyers are going to have a home warranty that we are going to insist the seller pay for, most of those companies won't swap an entirely new system if something breaks. They are going to bandage the issues or pay off the homeowner who has the home warranty coverage. This is because it's more cost effective for the home warranty insurance company.

Regarding the home warranty. When we are representing a Santa Clarita home buyer, we refer the home warranty company we like, that we use personally, to the seller's escrow company to ensure the policy is purchased through them. If something goes wrong after our clients move in, I insist that they call me first so I can run interference between the home warranty rep and my clients. It works great and is something I have learned since 1998, it's the best way to do business.

Most agents disappear after escrow closes. I want to keep my position in your phone as you programmed to go to with regard to real estate and all future business, questions, and referrals. I'm here for my clients always.

Something else that I look at when viewing real estate with my clients is the condition of the visible roof. Depending on the type of roof and its condition, replacement is expensive and all roofs have a failure date. The date when the leak starts. That date is unknown to all parties. However, a good look may indicate if that date is coming more sooner than later.

When looking at homes with my real estate buyers, I also want to see how the visible concrete is looking. Is it cracked with large rises and dips in the garage or throughout the surrounding concrete pads? This event could indicate a problem with the foundation of the home as it relates to settling.

This is a red flag that needs to be pointed out to a home buyer. Not that we would not approach the seller to make right on this type of discovery in escrow, keeping our clients deposit safe from becoming the property of the seller, but in some cases, they may refuse to fix it.

Don't forget, all real estate is sold "AS IS". From the initial offer you will have written by us for you, it says that "AS IS" within the contract.

All other items are "negotiable" at some point, including all "discoveries" that will occur during the investigative phase of escrow.

When I'm looking at real estate with my home buyers, the slope in the back yard is something that most home buyers don't notice. I want to know when it rains what happens to the water? We are not in Oklahoma. When it rains there, it could be torrential in the amount, but the ground soaks it up quick.

In California, when it rains, the water gets soaks up a little, but then the rest needs a place to run, which is not against the home, standing so the walls can soak it up.

If there are no drains and if there is no place for the water to go, expect next to the home and up against an outside wall, that could pose a serious problem for the home buyer. Maybe the current home seller has had issues with heavy rains and water drainage in the past. During the disclosure phase, we would push for further explanation of those items so our home buyers can make their best decisions.

Attic access, turning on things that have been "shut off" like plumbing fixtures and toilets, are not truly verifiable during the typical real estate viewings with my Santa Clarita home buyers.

However, during the inspection phase, all of those issues are discovered, documented and explanations are requested. It's because of that the homebuyers I work with are able to know all there is to know about a home that they are going to buy.

Fencing around the property and "neighbor" impact on the property being viewed. Are the fences shared? Are there trees, shrubs or other things that are currently impacting the home that I'm showing to my buyers? These may be issues in the future, for example, if there is a vine, which has its origin from your neighbors' yard, which is covering the shared fence, which is on your side and growing like a weed, having it removed after you close escrow could be an issue.

Having those things pointed out by a HomeBuyer Expert is super important. You may be okay with the vine, but if you don't have it point out to you may equate to just another surprise you did not need!

There are so many items that a Top HomeBuyer's real estate agent is going to know about the homes and houses you are viewing with them. When you watch the HGTV shows, they point out the obvious - anyone can see those items.

You want an agent who will point out the not so obvious items to keep you protected and secure to the best of their ability.

I'm Connor MacIvor, Santa Clarita Home Buyer Expert. This is another addition to our HomeBuyers Top 10 Questions asked on Realtor(dot)com.

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