We are asked quite often if we offer Home Staging Services and we absolutely do.

This is because, we have found that our buyers tend to offer "more" to a seller that has their home presented in a Staged fashion. Even if that home staging service costs the seller $1000.00 - the offering amount is in excess of any Staging Costs Incurred.

Santa Clarita real estate

They remark about the condition, the feel, the emotional connection and are more apt to hand mental curtains.

That is if the Home stating is done correctly. Minus personal photos and minus any personal possessions.

Local Home Stagers that are working with our REMAX Relocation clients and our other Santa Clarita sellers do charge a fee for their services. Relocation.paris911.com

However, they will discount those if you are teamed with the paris911 Team to sell your home. Paris911.com

One of the questions we get often, with regard to staging Santa Clarita real estate, is how we can be so sure that the expense is worth the buyers wanting to pay more for a staged home versus one that has not been staged? SantaClaritaRealEstateAgents.com

I'm now going to speak off of the cuff. I have three full time Buyers agents working with the Paris911 Team's buyers. That is not including Paris and I. That is also not including our "in office and on staff" short sale negotiator. Currently we have 25 escrows going with buyers. We know buyers, we have been blessed to have worked with some of the best buyers in the world.

Our REMAX team knows when a buyer walks into a Staged Santa Clarita home for sale, the feelings then manifest. Paris911.com