Drop the $100 bucks and get yourself a ring doorbell. They are well worth the money, easy to install and you will thank me later.

Welcome to my cop mentality as it applies to be being a full-time realtor. So many procrastinate on this point of home security.

To wait is not smart. Costco has them and they do a great job deterring crime.

I'm a part of the ring community, as you will be if you go with this product. You will see people that view that the home in question that . has the ring doorbell, at this point it is usually too late and the camera switched on and is capturing them due to being motion activated, move away.

If they are up to no good, they literally walk away and go elsewhere. Maybe they are pesky realtors :)

Or they could be criminals casing your home. The last thing they want is to make the record and be on a video recording.

These systems are available to you and all you need is a wifi network to connect to and a screwdriver (screwdriver typically included in the installation kit).

Ring now has an alarm package that will give you further security. It monitors doors, windows and has interior motion sensors plus a monitoring service that calls the cops if the alarm is activated and you don't stop them from rolling.

Simply Safe also has cameras and an alarm system that is inexpensive and seems to work well.

What is your power is cut, what then?

Power Off monitoring. Something that you will want to be considering. Some alarms have this as part of their package. The ring doorbell does not work if the power to the home is shut off. FYI. However, we have our front monitored, they have to get to the side of the house to cut the power, by that time it's too late, they have been captured on video. Consider this when you are preparing to install a camera or alarm system.

The ring camera notifies you of movement within the distance you set and the field of view you set up within the online system for the cameras themselves. Sometimes this can be bothersome if you have the setting too sensitive. However, I'd rather have it too sensitive than too constrictive and miss something.

There is the battery back up systems that you can purchase that fixes everything. If you are a fan of solar, they now have battery technology that also can be purchased that will keep your home powered during power outages.

Hardline versus cell connection

Yes, call me old fashioned, I have an "old telephone" connection in my home. The low voltage type of telephone that works when the power is completely shut off.

(laughing) - it's not connected to our alarm tho - Our alarm uses a cell tower that has it's own battery so if breached, it will call the cops, power or not.

Also, consider the power out or internet down scenario with your wifi system. If the wifi it out, you won't get any return from the camera, if you have something that needed recording during that time you won't have it.