Santa Clarita home prices reducing in the real estate marketWhile on the Nextdoor app this morning, I observed that exact quote, then it offered an option for the person seeing to click on a box that stated it would tell you more information.

BTW - Today is November 10th. How can Nextdoor know that home prices went down in Valencia this month when the month is not over yet?

Maybe they are referring to the 9 days that have passed related to Valencia's real estate closings and sold properties?

There are multiple areas in Valencia CA - Two zip codes, 91354 and 91355.




There are also multiple types of construction that are in Valencia. We have condos, town-homes, and Single Family homes, both attached and detached.

When I clicked to learn more, the agent on the front end who has this advertising in place, was not the agent that I was being connected to - that also changed.

That's not a big deal, because I'm an agent, I know about the home prices and am smart enough not to use a hook or trick of this type to get you to give up who you are so I can bother you.

I rely on unveiling the truth behind the real estate operations in Valencia and want my clients to know the latest "games" which are being played on a not so level field.

How do they know that home prices went down in November?

How do you know home prices in Santa Clarita are coming down?Of course, they don't and they haven't at this point. They want you to sign up for their newsletter because some brain at Nextdoor thought this marketing approach would work for the agents who are paying a lot of money to be advertising on nextdoor.

Here is how it really works. At any time in the month, I can pull data on the sold properties. I can give our Valencia CA home sellers the intel they need to make the best decisions.

I am able to let a Valencia home seller in 91354 who lives in an SFR in Creekside that their home's price seems to have moved in a reduction of value direction compared with the three homes that closed between October 09 and November 09 in 2019.

But then, I have to compare those three closings in Creekside of Valencia with the seller's actual home. 

After this part of my assessment is completed, I find out that my seller's home is upgraded to the max. In fact, my home seller's home in creekside of Valencia was one of the original model homes. 

And you know the model homes are truly upgraded to a T by the home builders at all New Santa Clarita Home Construction sites and new builder communities.

The other three homes that sold weren't even close to this new listing where its owners are contemplating placing it for sale.

The seller of this upgraded home will be able to sell his home for at least $35,000 more than the last three homes that sold during the months of October and beginning of November.

Advertising and Marketing - don't let it rule you.

As a society, we have been exposed to advertising and marketing since we were born. Today, it's even more apparent that the "interruption" marketing efforts are still primarily the way people are slapped into paying attention.

I obtain business by referrals, past clients and my Santa Clarita home expert blog.

Santa Clarita real estate advertisingWhen you do a search for Santa Clarita real estate market - Santa Clarita homes and or Santa Clarita home experts, you will find me at the top of the search result page on Google/Bing and more.

On some of the results pages, you will have paid for spaces that are present and show up just after you search. The "ADS" are at the top of the page and sometimes hard to differentiate from the "organic results", which are hard to appear for - but show the BEST of the BEST!

On the review websites for Santa Clarita real estate, we are there, with over 100 five star reviews from our Santa Clarita home experts clients. To see all the five-star reviews, you will have to find the link that shows the filtered reviews. If you doubt their validity as Yelp does, let me know and I'll have that client call you directly. BTW, we don't pay for advertising on Yelp, make sure you know the ADS on Yelp versus the organic results.

If you see something clever on an ad inquire about it - Just be careful.

How it may play out:

If you see an advertisement on a site like Next Door as I have mentioned that states provocatively, that home prices in Valencia have gone down in November, you may be considering inquiring as to how and why.

Once you do, know that your personal information and private data is no longer your own. You have now given permission to be contacted by anyone.

Of course, in a perfect world, you'd only be contacted by the Santa Clarita real estate agents or Santa Clarita real estate lenders paying for that advertisement.

The issue is that if you inquire about a home via some of the real estate syndication websites, your personal information and private data will be sold to over 10 agents and multiple other real estate service providers.

That is an issue and you will be spammed to a point that regretting asking will haunt you for a long while.

We have some clients that inquired on a very popular real estate syndication website just before they called me.

They did so because of the Clever "What is your home in Valencia CA worth?" advertisement.

To this day, 2 years after we sold their Valencia Northbridge home, they are still being contacted by local agents and real estate service providers. 

This client's cellular phone happens to be from Manhattan New York, so it's not by mistake or some fancy "cell phone" registration database or data collection company.

Worried about your home's value and want to track it?

What is my home worth in Valencia CAI'll do it for you. Just email me your name and address and I'll take care of the rest via the actual Multiple Listing Service.

I will guarantee that all of your personal and private information will never leave my hands. It will stay in my direct custody forever.

I will obtain your track code from your address and I will then show you what activity and homes have sold in your exact neighborhood. 

Not in Valencia, but much more precise tracking of your equity.

We live in the Summit of Valencia. There are four distinct neighborhoods and housing types here. I track my data for my home based on what type of home we live in. There are approximately 167 homes of our type in the Valencia Summit.

I watch them all.

Most of our home buyers love this system that I have developed and use to update our clients. It goes forever and is like receiving a digital bank statement related to your Valencia CA home's equity each month.

You can also text me your personal information.

The Santa Clarita real estate market is informational. When we have home buyers wanting to buy a home, condo or a town-home in the Santa Clarita - Valencia Areas, we always discuss the housing market. 

I give a full dissertation on buying a new home and whether it would be worth it or not. There are some cases when buying a new home trumps buying a re-sale home. That is going to depend on the market and the current versus potential phases that pertain to the new home tract.

Because, when buying a new home or a home that is being sold as a "re-sale" home, you are not paying me to be your real estate buyer's agent, my fee does not impact you.

However, there are many other entities that are going to make their fee's yours. That is why we have a discussion on what you can do or what I am able to do for you, to get those fees to the best level possible.

These "fees" include the lender's fee. Those banks, credit unions or mortgage bankers that are going to charge you to help you get a loan (mortgage).

I will cover those fees, what you as a home buyer can expect them to be and how to get the best price for them.

I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX - You can visit to some of who I am. The best place to find out about this active, full time and real agent in Santa Clarita - Valencia CA is to call me or read more of the top real estate blog. 

I'll be here for you and yours. Talk soon and remember, I'm open to referrals. 

Connor with HONOR!