It seems that we are in a bit of a pickle. That pickle is that prices are increasing in some of the Santa Clarita Cities. That is bad news for buyers, but great news for sellers. Our pickle relates to not having the inventory to show our buyers. That is indeed a pickle because Buyers count on their real estate professional to help them buy real estate.

Both Paris and I rely on the "pre showing meeting" that we conduct at our REMAX of Santa Clarita offices. This is the time we explain the current real estate market. Talk about getting more bang for your buck. Explain how to score a foreclosure for less than Fair Market Value. Speak about getting the offer accepted over those that are giving the seller more money. We also go into detail about Dangers at open houses, Questions to ask a lender, and the way to get a 50% discount when buying a home.

I bet that last one caught your eye - didn't it? That is for Teachers, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians. That is MacBoX capable by you typing in the words HUD alerts into our Paris911 Real estate search tool.

The Reason that prices are increasing in Valencia CA has to do with Supply and Demand. Supply and Demand was what they touched on in High School. When a product became scarce, and had a high demand, people were willing to pay more for it.

That is the same dilemma we have today in Valencia CA. We don't have a lot of inventory on the market for sale - in fact we have cut inventory from 400 units for sale in November of 2007 to 194 units for sale in the second week of June 2012.

That creates price increases when we have a high demand for real estate in Valencia CA.

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