It's no secret when you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it creates stress.

That can be compounded when the agent you are using is not explaining the process.

It can also be compounded when the real estate lender you are using seems to be absent and you are dealing with "others" on their "team".

Then you have the issues created when the right-hand does not know what the left is doing.

Others enter stage left and are now involved in the transaction - an Escrow officer and their assistants. A Title Officer and their assistants. The home inspector and their subordinates. A Termite/Pest Control employee and their underlings.

Time Frames - Adhering to the schedule and relying on many different people with a singular end in mind, to have you become a homeowner. It can be like herding cats most times.

If a real estate transaction depended on a single point of contact, one agent to coordinate everything, it may make it simpler. The unfortunate thing is I cannot motivate others involved past a certain point.

I cannot go to their home at 12 am and get them on board to do the right thing and get their job done, no matter how much I'd like to. Believe you me - I have wanted to do this way too many times!

Real Estate is stressful. There are a lot of parts to the process, especially in large cities that have become havens for lawsuits concerning proposed breaches of real estate contract rules and timeframes.

When buying a home in a simple midwestern state - the paperwork is much less and the process of buying or selling a home is also less complicated.

Welcome to California - where our typical real estate seller/buyer file would be 1.5 inches thick if every document was printed out. (most exist in the cloud and are signed digitally - then those files are scanned and uploaded to a CD to be retained by the buyer and or seller)

I digress. The way to make a real estate transaction less stressful is to prepare the home buyer and seller with the "what could happen" stories from past experiences.

In order to have "stories" a real estate agent must be seasoned, knowledgeable, immersed in real estate news and dealing with real estate clients directly, not passing them along to a "listing coordinator - a marketing executive - a buyers agent - a chief inventory officer - a escrow coordinator - or any other made up title which we are seeing agents proport as being part of their "team".

You know what I like? I like to deal with a single person from beginning to end. I like it when I can call one person, or at most another person who is directly associated with my agent. Like exists on a real estate husband and wife team. Or should I say in a real estate partnership? - you get the gist.

When dealing with loans and lending, having a real estate professional who will read the lender the riot act. It also pays to use a lender who the agent has referred business to in the past. The reason being is that the agent who referred you will have more control over the lender. Not that the lender is going to take advantage of you, it's that lenders have people working under them. It may be that someone is asleep at the wheel and needs to be prodded to get it done if a relationship exists - a simple text message will get it done.

Hire smart. The person who is referring you to a Real Estate agent they like probably has all the best intentions in the world. Unfortunately, good intentions sometimes equate to bad results.

Look online, search google or your favorite search engine. Look past the "ads" and past the fluff which comes about with the real estate syndication websites - like Zillow and Trulia. They are hitting at the top of the page in the organic search results (the non-ad spaces) because they have agents willing to add content to their websites via an internal blog they offer. They also have content added by a Q and A section where agents gladly offer their expertise in expanding Zillow's Brand online, to agents own detriment.

Past those entries - you are bound to find me - Connor MacIvor. - Be safe - search well and thanks for taking the time to read about real estate buying and or selling being a super stressful endeavor for home buyers and sellers.